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If you are the owner of a swimming pool, some accessories need care, such as swimming pool handrails. It is all about your choice whether you install a handrail with a pool or not! It is clear from the name that handrails are needed to get in and out of the swimming pool. However, it is good to install the swimming pool handrail at the time of construction. If you did not add this, then don't worry. There are many removable and durable handrails available in the market right now! So, pick up the suitable handrail and enjoy your swimming well. This guide is designed to inform you all about swimming pool handrails. Let's dive into the topic and clear your mind well about swimming pool handrails.

swimming pool handrails

What Are The Swimming Pool Handrails?

Swimming pool handrails are the pool accessory that everyone should use for their safety. With the help of handrails, you can easily go in and come out of the swimming pool. It is the most effective way that makes your pool safer. A pool railing with alarms also protects you against tragic accidents. So, it is also secure for children.

The Benefit of Removable Swimming Pool Handrails

1. Stop Drowning

One of the major benefits of handrails is that they prevent many accidents. Drowning is one of the major causes of a severe injury that leads to death. Pool handrails also save you from unintentionally drowning. However, lack of swimming knowledge is also one of the causes of death of many children. You can add a four-sided pool fence that acts as a barrier between your home and the pool area.

2. It Provides a Firm Grip

The suitable material of the handrails gives you a firm grip and saves you from slipping.

3. Withstand All Kinds of Threats

Proper pool handrails with good material will be able to withstand corrosion and severe weather conditions.

What Are The Different Types of Handrails

Below we discuss the different types of pool handrails along with the pros and cons.

1. Marine Fiberglass Aluminum Handrails

This type of handrails has a versatile use such as:

 ● Use it on marines and docks

 ● Use it for in-ground pools

During manufacturing, high-quality material such as aluminum is used.


 ● It can be used for salt and freshwater pools

 ● It can also be used for hand-grab


 ● Regarding rust resistance, it is not a good option to select

 ● It requires high maintenance

2. Fibropool Handrails

It is durable swimming pool handrails that give strong support when entering the pool. It is space-efficient and easy to install and remove. Fibropool handrails are best to consider for both wooden and concrete surfaces.


 ● It is suitable for all types of pool decks

 ● Suitable for all pool sizes

 ● Easy to maintain

 ● Corrosion and stainproof


 ● It is more expensive than the other ones

3. Aqua Select Rail

It is perfect for the in-ground pool. It is safe enough to make your swimming secure. Aqua select rails are stain and corrosion-proof.


Following are the benefits of this type of swimming pool handrails.

 ● Suitable for all sizes of in-ground pool

 ● Easy to install

 ● Moderate price

 ● It is a good and long-term investment in your pool


 ● It requires separate installation parts

 ● It is not suitable for wooden decks

4. Inter-Grab Rail

It is designated as the classic shape for the swimming pool. Structurally, it is straight from one side and curved from the opposite side. Both children and youngsters can grab this curved side.


 ● It is suitable for both commercial and residential po

 ● You have a wide variety of finishing options


 ● Other fitting and anchors require extra charges

 ● It is a little bit expensive

5. Inter-Fab Pool Handrails

If you need more design-oriented accessories, then it fulfills your needs well. It has a unique shape with two curved vertical tubes. All sorts of water bodies can use it.


There are many advantages to it. Some of them are mentioned below

 ● It is the most stylish among the other pool handrails

 ● Suitable for all types of pools


 ● It also requires extra charges for anchors and baseplates

 ● It is not suitable for wooden decks

Factors That Should Keep in Mind During The Shop of Handrails

We discussed different factors that you should keep in mind for your money and time safety.

1. Material of The Handrail

For the long-term investment, the material of the handrail is important to consider. Buy one that can bear all weather conditions.

2. Design

It is also essential to keep in mind this parameter for the safety of adults and children. Handrails should offer hand support properly.

3. Installation

Installing the right type of swimming pool handrails is also essential for safety.

swimming pool handrails

Safety of Pool Handrail is in Your Hands

Being a pool owner, it is your responsibility to care for the handrails properly. Maintain it well to protect from chemicals and sun rays. Washing the swimming pool handrails with phosphoric acid gel. Moreover, sanitizing chemicals can affect the handrails except for the selection of high-quality stainless steel pool handrails.

Poolking: The Place For Long-Term Investment

Like other pool equipment, Poolking also offers top-quality handrails. Poolking products are the leading swimming pool handrail manufacturer. Here you will find awesome designs that fulfill your needs well. Poolking swimming pool handrails are the perfect fit for your pool accessories. If you want to know more about Poolking, visit our site and contact us.

The Bottom Line

Material quality, design, and installation all are essential factors for safety. The right choice of swimming pool handrails is good for safety purposes and saves money. We hope that this blog post helps you pick up the right handrails suitable for commercial and residential pools. Read our latest blogs if you want to learn more about other pool accessories. Have any confusion? If yes, comment below!

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