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One of the most enjoyable activities in summer is swimming. One can relax by swimming and also stay at home and enjoy it with friends and family. We are familiar with pool filters' advantages, such as providing excitement and memories. It is important to maintain the pool filter well, so it works properly.


Improper maintenance becomes the reason for many pool problems. One of the problems is low or no pressure. Do you know the reason why pool filters filter with no pressure? If No, don't worry; in this guide, we will discuss the basic reasons for no or no pressure pool filters. Keep reading to know the problem. After the proper knowledge of complexity, one can resolve it easily.

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Reasons for Pool Filter No Pressure

For the proper working of the filtration system, it is important that the value of pressure keeps normal. In case of low or no pressure, the pool can face flow problems. Something in the pool prevents the water flow into the pump. Below we have discussed the no-pressure problem of the pool filter.

 ● Improper movement of pool cleaner around the pool well.

 ● One of the basic reasons is the reduction of water movement in the swimming pool.

 ● Improper working of pressure gauge. 

 ● Clogged pump impeller. 

 ● Clogged skimmer baskets. 

 ● After turning it off, there is air in the system. 

 ● Clogged skimmer pipes. 

 ● Partially or fully closed skimmer. 

 ● Through pump valves, air pulling into the system, and lots more!

All of these issues are the reason the pool filter has no pressure. It is crucial to overcome these complexities so that one can enjoy swimming properly.

Fix the Issues to Achieve the Normal Pressure Range

The pressure range of most filtration systems is 5 to 15 psi. Below this value, the filtration system doesn't work properly. This section will discuss how to resolve the issue that causes no pressure.

1. Clogged Pump and Skimmer Baskets

Clogged pumps and skimmer baskets will reduce the flow of water. It is one of the common reasons for no or low-pressure value. The best thing is that one can easily solve this complexity. You can achieve the desired water flow by cleaning the skimmer basket.

2. Water Level Is Low

Sometimes the low water level also becomes the reason for the low value of the pressure. The rule is simple: enough water will create enough pressure. It is important to keep an eye on your pool filter water levels. You can also solve this problem using the automatic pool water leveling device. Its function is to fill the water at a normal level whenever it drops.

3. Skimmer Lines Clogged

Clogged skimmer lines are also one of the reasons for no pressure value. In order to check out skimmer lines properly, you need a drain king bladder-type hose jet.

4. Damaged/Clogged Impeller

It is one of the obvious causes of no pressure in the pool filtration system. A debris in the impeller prevents the water from rotating properly. Due to the damaged impeller, water can not rotate out the sides of the impeller. In this way, suction becomes reduced. This reduction also reduced the flow of water from the pump. In order to solve the problem, it is important to clean the impeller correctly.

5. Suction Leak

Due to this leak, one can face many problems, including low-pressure values. Due to a suction leak, air will be sucked into the filtration system. This situation will lead to the pump losing its prime. It will also reduce the flow of water. So one should first find the suction leak. After this, close it properly.

6. Improper Working of Pressure Gauge

If you resolve all of the complexities mentioned above but still face no pressure problem of the pool filter, it's time to change the pressure gauge. It is not an expensive action. You will get different types of pressure gauges at an affordable price range. It is good that an excess pressure gauge is available at times in your toolbox. So, a broken pressure gauge is also one of the reasons for zero filter pressure.

7. Clogged Filter

Clogged filters are one of the prominent causes of no filtration pressure. If you observe any problem related to the filter, then clean it quickly. In the case of a cartridge filter, you should follow the following steps:

 ● Soak the filter the whole night in a TSP solution to get the grease out. 

 ● After this, soak it in a dilute solution of muriatic acid. 

If you use a sand filter, it will need to be backwash as required. Make sure that you change the sand after every 5 to 7 years. Replacing old sand with new ones also resolves many complexities.

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Contact Poolking Pool Specialists

If you are unable to diagnose the exact reason for the pool filter with no pressure, then call our specialist. We will assist you more directly to resolve the problem. To keep yourself away from pool complexities, it is also important to buy high-quality pool products. Poolking pool products are made of good material that lasts longer for many years.


Furthermore, it is also crucial to detect or understand the problem in its initial stage. This action will save you from major problems. You can contact us any time. We are always ready to assist you in diagnosing the pressure problems of the filtration system.

The Bottom Line

We hope this informative guide answers your query about the pool filter with no pressure. The proper pressure value is always necessary to keep the pool in good condition. Moreover, one should also maintain the different pool parts. We also discuss the solution to the filter pressure complexity.


So, by applying these solutions, you can resolve the pressure problem yourself. Suppose you are still confused or have any questions in your mind of the pool filter, then no worries. Drop your comment in the comment box. We will try to answer you undoubtedly as early as possible!

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