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Poolking Tells You Fire First Aid Knowledge


In order to prevent the fire disaster. On the morning of August 3rd, our company cooperates with the firefighter and learns fire prevention knowledge together. Only by learning and practicing can employees keep calm when a fire breaks out, which may save their lives.

fire first aid knowledge cover


There three aspects should be noticed about the fire disaster.

1. Prevention is the most effective method. Eliminating hazards that may cause fire, which can greatly reduce the possibility of fire.

2. In the event of a fire, you must keep calm, evacuate in an orderly manner, cover your mouth and nose with a wet wipe; when you get to the safe place, report the fire immediately. Saying the detailed address or surrounding marker, and the most important is what cause fire, that would do a lot of help for controlling the fire even putting out it.

3. The firemen explained in detail how to use various fire-fighting equipment for employees, and also instructed them to carry out practical exercises.


Common fire extinguisher:

common fire extinguisher


After the training of fire drills and learning the fire-fighting knowledge, it help our company to build up the fire prevention organization and strengthen the management of fire facilities.


Firefighters explain the use of various fire extinguishing equipment for employees:


fire emergency drill site


Under the guidance of the firefighters, the employees took the fire extinguisher for practical operation:


fire extinguisher for practical operation

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