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Today we talk about pool sand filter reviews. If you have a swimming pool at home it is a perfect way to keep yourself cool in the summer. It is perfect for socializing with your family and friends on a lazy day. However, it can be challenging to maintain the quality and hygiene level of your pool. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, it is necessary to have a pool sand filter. You will be delighted to know that it can help keep the water fresh, clean, and sanitized. When you plan to purchase a new pool sand filter it is best to check out some pool sand filter reviews. No one likes to swim in dirty water as it is bad for your health.

How Does the Pool Sand Filter Work?

The pool sand filter will work along the pump and circulate clean water into the pool. It will remove dirt, bacteria, and debris away. Just like the pool itself, these filters are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. There are plenty of models that require filter media. The list includes sand, cartridges, and diatomaceous earth sand filters. 

All of them work well to capture even the tiniest particles of debris and bacteria. You can choose a good pool filter depending on your requirements. Some pool sand filter reviews show: The top-rated filters come packed with various features and are a good choice for all pools. 

pool sand filter

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Pool Sand Filter?

The most important thing when purchasing a new pool filter is the size. You need to measure the size of your pool and get everything right. Pool owners must know about GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate. It will determine how a pool filter can handle various pool sizes.

Many pool owners like the filter to turn over the volume of the pool every 8 to 10 hours. Suppose the flow rate offers 120 GPM you can multiply this number by 60. It gives you the gallons per hour and multiplies it by 8 or 10 hours. When you check the result you will notice that it can work best with a pool that has 57,600 and 72,000 gallons.

The experts always recommend you choose a large size. It must not maximize the capacity of your pool in any way. Moreover, a large filter doesn’t require frequent cleaning. This will save you time, effort, and energy but keep the pool clean.

3 Types of Pool Sand Filter Reviews

Pool owners must think about which filter will be suitable for their pool. Three different types of pool filters include cartridge, sand, and DE (Diatomaceous Earth). If we talk about cartridges we can try and collect debris very quickly. You just need to spray it with a hose and it will work perfectly. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of water as compared to other options.

The sand filters work with a reservoir of sand to trap dirt and debris. Even though they are not expensive, they can't throw out tiny particles away.

DE Filters are quite similar to sand filters. However, it can trap even the tiniest particles. They are considered expensive and many buyers may not like to avail of this option. If you want your pool to remain clean during all seasons, it is not a bad choice.

How to Select the Right Option

When you are selecting the right pool sand filter can be challenging. It is necessary to make comprehensive online research. You can refer to the pool sand filter reviews. Moreover, you can compare the prices and features to come up with the final purchase. This normally includes searching for all the options given by various brands and websites.

There is no doubt that a comprehensive online search can always give a lot of benefits. You can analyze the customer reviews and options to get your hands on the most popular items. Customers give honest reviews and talk about the best features too.

If there is any problem with the filter they will discuss it all openly. It doesn’t matter what your pool requirements are, you can choose the best option. If you are worried about your budget going up, there are some affordable options too.

How Much Does a Sand Filter Cost?

If you plan to purchase a new filter it can cost around $300 or $1,000. The prices of in-ground pool sand filters are in the range of $450 to over $1,200. However, the price may depend on the size of the filter and pool. According to the pool sand filter reviews, the above-ground pool sand filters are considered less expensive though. You can purchase them in the range of $300 to $500 range.

When it comes to replacing the sand of your sand filter it can cost around $25 to $50 per bag. In this situation, your filter will require around 100 to 600 pounds. Once again it will depend on the size and model of the product. You likely need around 350 pounds of sand if your pool has an average size. The major expense comes with purchasing and setting up the sand pool filter itself.

pool sand filter

Pool Sand Filter Reviews on Type Selection

Many pool owners get confused while choosing sand filters. They don’t have any idea which sand filter will fit their requirements. All the in-ground pools can work best with a sand filter. It includes fiberglass, concrete, and vinyl liner. Most above-ground pool owners will use sand filter systems the most.

No matter what the pool size it will not affect the filtration system. It will remain effective if the pool filter is maintained well. Make sure that the size of the pool can match the size of your filter. All you need is to replace the sand within 2 to 5 years. You can check the turnover capacity in gallons on the specifications mentioned in the product.


If you plan to purchase a new pool sand filter, look no further. Poolking offers the best products at affordable prices. It doesn’t matter which filter you choose. Make sure that you balance the water chemistry well. Moreover, it is necessary to read the pool sand filter reviews from customers before making your final purchase.

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