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The swimming pool is a basic place where you can have fun with your family and friends. It also provides you with a healthy source of exercise. As a pool provides you with healthy activity, a healthy pool contains many components. In this article, we will discuss all basic pool filter parts. Let's start to discuss the details of each pool filter part.

8 Basic Pool Filter Parts You Need to Know

Correct knowledge of the parts is always necessary for maintaining them. This is why in this guide, we will elaborate on the detail of each part of the pool filter.

1. Skimmer

The skimmer helped us to clean debris from the pool. You can clean different optics, such as leaves, twigs, bugs, and more, that are too large to go through your filter. The skimmer is like a basket beside the pool. The skimmer is an important part of the pool.

pool filter parts

2. Main drain system

The main drain discharges the water from the pool. It is usually located on the floor. The drain system is at the deep end. It is used to drain the pool. It performs the same function as the skimmer works.


This helps the water for better circulation and is pulled from the top by a skimmer and the main drain from the bottom side. The circulation of water makes it fresh. And it is very important because water still starts smelling after some time.


Now in the evolutionary world, the new in-ground pool usually has two main drain systems. This is just for safety purposes. It reduces the suction force in case any optical block drains. Usually, the old in-ground pool systems do not have two main drain systems. Now it is included in the pool safety measures, and most people consider these pool filter parts a high priority.

3. Suction line(s) of swimming pool

Suction lines depend on PVC pipes. The pipe is hard and strong, which bears the heavy flow of the water. It carries the water from the skimmer to the pump. Water travels in these lines.

4. Pump

Pool water doesn't just fall in the skimmer; it takes the proper way to contain an impeller that creates a vacuum with spinning water. After all this, it pulls the water into the filtration system.


The impeller is worked with the help of a motor, so pool pumps depend on horsepower. The horsepower of a motor ranges from ¾ to 3 horsepower. The size of the pump depends on your pool size. This is too simple to calculate.


The large size of the pool needs a large pump that moves the high quantity of water. As the water starts passing through the pump, the force becomes more exerted on its change from pulling to pushing. The pump punches the water into the filter to process it. The pump is a very important component of the pool filter parts.

5. Filtration system

For a healthy pool, cleaning is the most important part of the pool. The pool filtration system provides clear water for swimming. As chlorine helps to clean water from viruses and bacteria, it's not enough.


The chlorine completes half the job; a filtration system cleans the other. The filter removes different kinds of particles like tiny partial leaves and even small kinds of ants etc. Without a filtration system, water becomes dirty and starts smelling bad. And needs to change after just a few days. With a filtration system, you can use water for a long time and save water.


There are different types of pools as per variants: sand, diatomaceous earth (D.E.), and cartridge. They each have different functions and use different pool sizes; they have pros and cons per their functions. Each filter and pool filter parts required maintenance from time to time.

6. Return lines PVC

The return line depends on PVC; it depends on a hard and strong pipe; the pipe is the opposite of the suction line. The water transfers from the filter to return jets through these lines.

7. Return jets of swimming pool

After passing the return line, the water arrives at the bottom of the return Jets, where the water is ready to enter the pool again.


These components serve double duty for the pool. In addition, it is a portal through which water goes back to the pool, returns jet push, and circulates the water around the pool. This helps the pool water not only directly into the skimmers but also cleans the water or any debris floating on the surface of the water, which can easily get caught in the skimmer basket.

8. Heater for pool

As we all know, the pool is not just a source of fun with water. It is also helpful for exercise. Therefore people swim in a pool in winter or in a cool atmosphere. Sometimes people want hot water in normal weather. In this kind of situation, a pool heater is worth it.

pool filter parts

The pool heater is not an essential part of the swimming pool. It is also not for filtration or circulation of water. It makes pool water more comfortable and possibly even lengthens your pool season.


The pool heater is an essential pool filter part of the swimming pool. It is also not for filtration or circulation of water. It makes pool water more comfortable and possibly even lengthens your pool season.


If you are not feeling comfortable in cool water or want to swim all year in summer and winter, the pool heater also plays a role in fulfilling your requirements.

The Bottom Line

We hope this informative guide increases your knowledge about pool filter parts. In order to increase the lifespan of each part, proper care and maintenance are always needed. If you plan to buy any pool filtration parts, consider Poolking high-quality products. We guarantee all pool filtration equipment that meets the level of your standard. To learn more details about Poolking, you can visit our site!

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