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  • Acrylic With Fiberglass Filtration System With Hand Rail
    Acrylic With Fiberglass Filtration System With Hand Rail
    The filtration equipment uses filtration bag to replace the traditional sand filter . The finest filtration accuracy is 6μ, and the water quality can reach the domestic water quality standard. The equipment is an integral structure on the pool wall which does not need any pipings , avoids the leakage phenomenon in traditional swimming pools.It integrates circulating filtration, surfing (optional), local massage, bubble bath (optional), cleaning, disinfection (with medicine), fountain, pool bottom light, handrails and steps etc. The filtration adopts the interface water inlet 3D circulation method, which removes the floating objects on the surface of the swimming pool, the water is more crystal clear.
  • PSH-MAX series Five Star Pool Pumps
    PSH-MAX series Five Star Pool Pumps
    Poolking’s model PSH-MAX self-priming pool pump is suitable for operation with salt chlorinators and sea water,because the shalt is stainless steel AISI 316.The pump housing is made by Polypropylene + 30% GF which is strong enough to make durable life. Equiped with thermal protector can avoid burning problem.
  • Stainless Steel Cars
    Stainless Steel Cars
  • PK series exit handrail
    PK series exit handrail
    Model: PK-011 - Easy and simple installation. - Seamless steps ——Designed to prevent scratches and protect swimmers' safety. - Handrails in polished stainless steel 304 or 316 ( 42mm) tube. - There are two thickness options of 0.9mm and 1.1mm which can ensure not rusty during use. - Available for anchor fixtures or flang fixtures.
  • Poolking Fiberglass Sidemount Sand Filter With 2.5" Valve From 1000~1400mm For Semi-commercial Pools
    Poolking Fiberglass Sidemount Sand Filter With 2.5" Valve From 1000~1400mm For Semi-commercial Pools
    Bobbin wound filter is manufactured by computerized filament winding fiberglass which enhances the mechanical strength of the filter tank and ability to withstand the pressure .  It allows the filter to work and resist extreme weather conditions .The filter is equipped with a large top lid for easy maintenance and connected with 2.5" multiport valve for high filtration performance.
  • New Design 2KW/2.5KW Endless Pool System For Small Family Pools
    New Design 2KW/2.5KW Endless Pool System For Small Family Pools
    Endless pool power unit is very small and exquisite .It equips with adjustable speed system . The water speed can be adjusted from 2 to 210 meter per minute . Normally, the people can reach 75~80 meter per minutes , that means the swimmer can finish 1.5 km in 15 ~ 20 minutes . It likes swimming in the flowing reiver and is unnecessary to worry about the limitation of pool space . The swimmer truly enjoy the function of fitness .Endless pool unit integrates a full range of swimming pool circulation , filtration , disinfection system . No need to build the equipment room , No need the complicated operation and professional management . Except for the standard configuration , other equipments can be selected according to the different requirements of users .
  • Unique Design Plastic Sidemount Sand Filter From 500~700mm For Resort Pools
    Unique Design Plastic Sidemount Sand Filter From 500~700mm For Resort Pools
    It is new blow molded tank combining the technology of structural engineered high - density polyethylene material manufactured to maximize the strength of the filter . It is equipped with one -piece clamp with screw - type lock design to simplify installation and allows tool -free servicing . It is designed for pool and spa.
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