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We carefully listen to customers' requirements and always keep users' experience in mind when developing pool filter relief valve. Quality-guaranteed raw materials are adopted to ensure product quality and its superior performance mainly including Poolking. In addition, it has an appearance that is designed to lead the industry trend.
With complete pool filter relief valve production lines and experienced employees, can independently design, develop, manufacture, and test all products in an efficient manner. Throughout the whole process, our QC professionals will supervise each process to ensure product quality. Moreover, our delivery is timely and can meet the needs of every customer. We promise that the products are sent to customers safe and sound. If you have any questions or want to know more about our pool filter relief valve, call us directly.
Poolking is an enterprise that pays close attention to improving manufacturing technologies and R&D strength. We are equipped with advanced machines and have set up several departments to satisfy the different needs of a large number of customers. For example, we have our own service department which can provide customers with highly efficient after-sales service. The service members are always standby to serve customers from different countries and regions, and willing to answer all questions. If you are seeking business opportunities or have an interest in our pool filter relief valve, contact us.
  • Acrylic With Fiberglass Filtration System With Filter Bag
    Acrylic With Fiberglass Filtration System With Filter Bag
    The integrated filter is made of high-quality acrylic with acid resistance which is easy to clean and not easy to fade. The installation of the integrated filter equipment does not require a operation room so that can reduce the construction cost and save land area . No piping, no water leakage, greatly reduce energy consumption . It comes with filtration, disinfection, sewage suction, lighting and other integration . The products has lots of advantage : energy saving , environmental protection, simple operation, convenient for daily maintenance , It is the best choice for the domestic pool.
  • Poolking Commercial Sand Filter From 1200~3000mm For Commercial Pools
    Poolking Commercial Sand Filter From 1200~3000mm For Commercial Pools
    POOLKING's commercial filter was made by the latest in fiberglass winding technology . The design and the manufacturing process of the whole vessel , incorporation of non metallic fittings plus reinforced manhole openings with proprietary methods, is unique to Poolking . Poolking are the first to introduce the benefits of the new lateral system  instead of the conventional lateral system forc ommercial filters . Poolking's new lateral configuration eliminates any " dead corner " by improving water flow distribution through the filter bed , which ensures maximum performance .Another option is the nozzle plate system which allowws the introduction of pressurized air directly into the bottom of the filter media  .Uniform introduction of air and water through the nozzple plate provides vigorous agitation and the filter media bed expansion required for an effective air/water backwash leading to reduced backwashing times and reduce volumes of water . The minimum water and energy like that save money for the swimming pool investment and operation .
  • PG series Innovative Design Pool Pumps
    PG series Innovative Design Pool Pumps
    Poolking’s model PG pump is combined European and American style to improve the product image. The pump body is made by polypropylene which is high temperature and pressure resistance. NSK bearing and SS304 shaft let the pump running with lower noise. Inlet/outlet is external threaded that can connect with metric or imperial pipe, more convenient to operate.
  • Telescopic Poles
    Telescopic Poles
    Model: 5978BU
  • PLS series Circulation Pool Pumps
    PLS series Circulation Pool Pumps
    Poolking’s model PLS pump is small size pump that can fit everywhere. The main characteristics is easy installation and maintenance because of its retrofit platform and specific fittings. Engineered and built to perform outstandingly, for a long service with high reliability.Black color body is dirt resistant.
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