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Make Comparison, Solar Pool Heating VS Pool Heat Pumps


Recently, the temperature are dropping lower and lower, you may need some equipment to heat your swimming pool. Solar pool heating or pool heat pumps? Both are efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective methods of heating your pool. But which is better? Let’s compare the two systems.

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Solar Pool Heating

Pros: Heating the swimming pool water with sunshine so it's totally free energy and very environmentally friendly. The solar pool heating system only need to pay for equipment and installation, it need nearly zero running costs.

Cons: Its efficiency is limited by collector panel size and orientation, and that system only work by sunny day so it is also limited by weather.

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Pool Heat Pumps

Pros:  The swimming pool can be heating fast in all weather, stable temperature meets the daily hot water and heating. It is much more efficient than solar pool heating. it is more environmentally friendly than gas heaters.

Cons: It has a expensive purchase price, and not as fast as gas heaters. It also may cause ambient air temperature risk.

POOLKING is a pool expert, from ours opinion: a pool heat pump can kick-start your pool water temperature in a couple of days at the start of the season; then the solar can take over to maintain the temperature. Which can become much more effective and need less running costs.


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