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It Is not Enough to Use Only Chlorine to Clean Swimming Pool


The water bugs in the swimming pool are more common with wiggler. The wiggler is a mosquito larva, and it will be born in large numbers after the rainstorm.



Since chlorine is a fungicide and not a pesticide, and wiggler belong to the adult, chlorine can not kill these species, chlorine can only create an uncomfortable environment, they will not proliferate or starve. but it isn't a good way to fix the problem. Actually, Pre-prevention is more important than post-treatment. In foreign countries, there is the use of emulsification of quaternary amine cyanide algaecide to destroy the characteristics of water surface tension. That make the chironomid can not stand on the surface of the water to lay eggs and drown, but the author has always thought that for domestic, the pH value and the ammonia-containing organic matter are not well controlled, which is the main problem.


Mixing non-chlorine SHOCK and bromide, maintaining a chlorine content of 1.0ppm or more, pH should be 7.2 or less, maintaining oxidation potential at 800mv, 95% wiggler are mortality within 12 hours, within 2~4 days Will die completely.

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