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Is it necessary to operate the swimming pool filtration equipment for 24 hours?


Customers often ask such questions:
1. Is the filter always working ?
2.When the pool water quality is better, can we switch off some of them ?
3.The water quality of the pool is good, can we stop the fitratoin system ?
some customers who will consider the costs, such as electricity pump life, etc., so they will shut down some of the equipment, or simply turn on the filter equipment during the day or even stop it
So we really do a detailed answer to you


Does the pump have to operate for 24 hours?
The answer is certain that the pump needs to operate for 24 hours. Because in the design of the swimming pool, the purpose of use has been considered, and the Turn Over Rate is used as the amount of water, filter and pump selection. Therefore, their calculations are estimated on the basis of 24-hour operation. once the circulation of water is stopped, the purification rate of pool water will slow down and the accumulation of polluting particles will begin. Therefore, the filter must When shutting down, it must be taken into account whether the current water is clean enough and how much pollutants (how many people) will enter the swimming pool tomorrow. In general, when the visibility of the outdoor pool is 50 meters or the indoor pool is 25 meters, it is time to stop the filtration. As for how long it will take to stop, it requires on-site judgment.

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It is generally believed that the pump needs a little time to shut down every day to make the motor rest. Actually, intermittent switches will reduce the life of the motor. Because the design of the motor is mainly used for rotation, the start is only the starting action of the rotation, the moment the motor is started, the axis of the motor is from the stationary state to the stable shear stress, and the effect on the balance of the axis is greatest in this process. Therefore, one of the important factors affecting the life of the motor is the number of start-ups. In addition, the start-up voltage and start-up current consumption for power consumption is also higher than that of a normal-running motor. Therefore, the operation of the filter is stopped in order to save power, in fact, Not worth it.


Therefore, we should understand some of the above issues. Disabling, infrequently opening, and opening only a part of the equipment will not be able to save costs and reduce equipment loss. It may also damage equipment and increase the cost.

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