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Sand is one of the old ingredients that is used to catch debris and small dust particles. Sand that is used in the sand filtration system is quite different from the sand on the beach etc. Its grain size varies from .45 to .55mm and is also famous for the name silica sand. The sharp edges of this sand have the capacity to separate the particles. If we talk about price, then this sand filter pump is less expensive compared to others. Particles having sizes of 20 to 40 microns can easily be filtered through the sand filtration system.


In short, we can say that it is the easiest way to clean your pool well! One should also have enough knowledge to operate the sand filter properly. If you want to increase your knowledge about starting a sand filter pump, keep reading this post. In this blog post, we will try our best to answer your query satisfactorily. So, stay connected with us till the end of our discussion!

Points to Remember Before Starting The Sand Filtration System

Your safety is our priority; that's why in this section, we have listed two essential tips. One should remember it before operating the sand filtration system.

 ● One should keep in mind that shutting the filter off before moving the valve handle is compulsory. If you don't do this, then face severe damage in future.

 ● When it's time to change the sand, then backwash the filter as soon as possible after replacing the old sand with a new one. 

How to Operate The Sand Filtration System

Below we have discussed the step-by-step guidance on how to start the sand filter pump.

 ● First of all, keep the tank filled with the proper amount of sand.

 ● Make all connections secure before starting the filtration system.

 ● Turn the valve handle and move towards the backwash position.

 ● Read the instructions before starting the pump. It is compulsory that return lines and all suctions are in open mode.

 ● Permit the filter tank to fill with water.

During the system operation, all discharge valves and suction should be open. If you don't do it, then you face severe injury.

 ● Note the time and run the sand filter pump for two minutes after the steady water flow from the waste line.

To remove any impurity and dust particles from sand, we recommend initial backwash the filter.

 ● Now turning off the pump.

 ● Change the place of the valve handle from backwash position to filter position.

Your filter is ready to filtrate the various particles from pool water.

 ● You can achieve your desired flow by adjusting the return valve and pool suction.

In case of water leaks, check the whole system and filter. Tightening connections, nuts, and bolts to resolve the complexity.

 ● When the filter is clean, read the starting pressure gauge reading. However, this value is not the same for all pool systems. It depends upon the pump and piping system etc.

 ● After the removal of dirt from pool water, this pressure value increases.

 ● Note this increasing value; when it reaches a limit such as 4 to 6 PSI, repeat the backwashing process.

pool filter pump

Backwashing is necessary to run the system smoothly. It is compulsory to keep a good safety label. Immediately replace any damaged ones!

● Shutting off the sand filter pump before setting the valve to filter position. It can stop necessary strain.

● If you want to prevent any damage, then keep clean the pump strainer and skimmer basket on a daily basis.

How to Backwash Sand Filter

Backwashing is necessary to keep the filter clean from all debris and bacteria. This can be done by reversing the flow of water through a filter. Backwashing involves the following steps:

 ● First of all, unplug the filter.

 ● Switch the valve handle into the backwash position.

 ● Plug in the filter until the water gets clear.

 ● Unplug the filter again when the water gets clear completely.

 ●  Switch valve handle into the filter position.

Now your system is ready to filter again.

How Frequent Should One Backwash Sand Filter?

Many of you are overwhelmed with this query. Now you all are familiar with the benefits of backwashing. You should backwash the pool sand filter about once a fortnight. Furthermore, it also depends upon how much you use the swimming pool. If you use it more and more after a week, do the process of backwashing.


However, the sand filter pressure gauge also assists you in knowing when to backwash. When the sand is dirty, then the value of pressure rises from the normal one. Now it's time to backwash. Frequent backwashing is not good; it may reduce the efficiency of your pool filtration system. Reduce the need for backwash by investing in a good sand filtration system with sand filter pump.

Poolking: All Pool Accessories in One Place

Poolking has a large variety of pool filtration systems that fulfill the needs of commercial and residential pools. In a single place, you will find various models of sand filters. Different types of products such as water sand filters, pool pumps, underwater light cleaning equipment, and many more are available here! The Poolking sand filtration system catches the tiny particles of dust and, in return, provides clean water. Our priority is the satisfaction of customers. You can learn more details about our brand by visiting our site. Please don't hesitate to ask your query!

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this blog post increases your knowledge about how to start a sand filter pump. We try our best to explain each step. If you are going to start your pool filter for the first time, then carefully read all manufacturer's instructions.


Make an eye on the reading of the pressure gauge. Adequate filtration and water chemistry provide you with clear pool water. Both factors are necessary to achieve the desired cleanliness. The filter system with sand filter pump is always designed for continuous operation. However, it also depends upon pool size and its usage. If you have any questions in your mind, then ask in the comment section!

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