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Many homeowners like to keep a swimming pool as it enhances the value of their home. Moreover, it is a way to spend an entertaining time with their family. You can enjoy barbecue sessions with your friends as well. There is no doubt having a swimming pool will mean endless ways of relaxation and comfort. If you want to enjoy your pool to the fullest having the right lights is very important. It can be challenging to select the best lighting elements for your pool. When you have the right pool light everything will be according to your requirement.

Different Types of Pool Lights Suitable for Your Pool

The innovations in lighting technology are helping people to choose products according to their needs. There is a wide range of lighting options to choose from. If you want to purchase a new light for your pool it will illuminate the surrounding at night.

Major two types of lights are popular among users. However, you need to keep your budget in mind as well. Poolking offers a wide range of lights with suitable designs and themes. Here are some of the best options mentioned below:

1. Halogen lights

Since the time halogen lights are introduced, they have replaced incandescent light bulbs. Halogen lights have become a popular choice for standard pool lighting. As compared to incandescent lights, halogens are more energy efficient. Moreover, they are durable and keep the environment safe. The only issue is that they are more expensive. When it comes to the durability they can last for 2,000 to 4,000 hours. These downsides may make it less popular among a few customers.

2. LED Lights

LED lighting has given a new meaning to the world of lighting. Light-emitting diode (LED) serves way beyond the swimming pool lighting. These LED light bulbs are cost-effective and have the longest lifespan. It brings a lot of convenience for the users as the energy bills are comparatively lower too.

pool light

The usual halogen bulb features 100 watts while the LED light can produce much more lumens. It uses only six watts of electricity but the results are fantastic. You will be surprised to know that LED lights feel cool as you touch them. They give a bright light that will make your swimming pool look visually appealing at night. You can turn these lights on while covering them with a heat sink. These LED lights don’t contain any mercury. This is why they are clean and resistant to cold.

Just like the halogen lights, LEDs are easy to fit in most of the swimming pool needs. They have energy-saving features that include dimmers and sensors. You will be surprised to know that these lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

As they have a long lifespan you don’t need to invest your money in buying new lights frequently. The average lifespan of an LED light is around 50,000 hours which is massive. Another benefit is that it doesn’t require much maintenance or replacements either. These are some of the reasons why LED lights are the most prominent choice among pool owners.

Why LED Pool Lights Are Easy, Practical & Reliable Choice?

As we have discussed above that LED pool lights have become a popular choice among home owners. It is also a prominent choice in commercial setups. You will be surprised to know that LED light bulbs are energy efficient. It is easy for you to schedule the settings and they turn on and off accordingly. Gone are the days when you have to face the stress of forgetting to turn off the lights!

The smart bulb lighting system is easy to integrate with your home automation technology. Everything is available at the tip of your fingers. Fortunately, you can control these lights through your smart home system. For example, users can set the ‘twinkle’ mode during the holiday season. If there is an upcoming pool part this setting can be a blessing.

Moreover, users have the option to choose colors of their choice. Your swimming pool will look bright and visually appealing in the darkness of night. The moment you reach your pool area everything will be festive due to the fun lighting.

How Can Pool Owners Determine the Number of Pool Lights They Need?

Many pool owners find it challenging to choose the number of lights they need for a swimming pool. These are some factors you need to keep in mind:

 · Size and shape of the pool.

 · Currently available lights around your pool.

 · Colors and visual appeal you want for the swimming pool area.

There is no doubt that the requirement of a large pool will be different from the smaller one. If you live in a wooden or rural area your pool will require more lights. You need to have a lot of installed in your overall home and just not just the pool. It can reduce the number of accidents that can occur to your children or other family members.

pool light

The size and shape of the pool are another important consideration. You need to put in enough lights to keep the entire pool illuminated. If you have a spa or shower area, the requirements will be the same too. Make sure you install enough lights near the steps or footpaths. It will add up to the security and you won’t fall either.

Sometimes pool owners wish to enhance the visual appeal of their swimming pool. Moreover, they want to highlight the pool area. This is why adequate lighting can play an important role in fulfilling their requirements. Give your pool the attention it deserves!

Conclusion: Light Up Your Pool Right

There are plenty of benefits to getting the right pool lights. Whether you have safety concerns or you need the right lights to enjoy a swimming session, these lights have it all. The proper swimming pool lights will make your pool area a visual delight. You can choose the right pool lights and get them installed right away. Why not light up and beautify your pool area to enjoy it to the fullest?

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