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You can enjoy swimming with various pool filtration systems such as glass media, cartridge filters, etc. The most famous type of filter is the sand filter. Poolking pool filters are easy to use and maintain. It also requires less effort to operate. The main difference between sand filters and others is that sand filters use sand media. This sand is used to remove debris and other impurities from the water. We all are familiar with the advantages of filters, such as:

 ● Durability

 ● Ease of maintenance

 ● Efficiency

Proper maintenance of Poolking's pool filter removes the smallest impurities having a size of 3 microns. These filters require backwash. You have to change the filtering media after 3 or 5 years. Changing sand is an easy and less time-consuming process. After this alteration, you can enjoy fresh and clean water. In this guide, we have discussed the steps involved in changing the Poolking sand filter. Let's delve into the details of these steps.

Poolking pool filters

Poolking Pool Filter Sand Replacement Steps

1. Before Removal Clean The Old Sand

The first step is to clean the old sand that is available in the filtration system. This cleaning process involves the following stages:

 ● Turn the selector switch on the filter

 ● After this, backwash the water with the help of a filter for at least 3 minutes

 ● Rinsed out the sand with clean water

 ● Please do it for 20 seconds

 ● Repeat the process


2. Sewer The Water From The Tank

 ● Set the input-output filter valves.

 ● Above the filter base, locate the filter cap plug tightly

 ● After this, set the tray below the filter drain cap plug

 ● Remove the plug and drain the water from the sand

3. Removal of Filter Lid

The next step is to remove the lid from the Poolking pool filter:

 ● For the lid removal, loosen the base of the filter unit

 ● If it sticks tightly, then use the tool to remove it

You can get this lid removal tool from the market at affordable prices.

4. Bleed Cap And Header Pipe Removal

Both of these are located inside the filter for its removal:

 ● Use the screwdriver to remove the header pipe and bleed cap from the filter

Now it's time to answer to the question how to remove the sand from pool filter

5. Remove The Old Sand Of The Poolking Pool Filter 

 ● Now it's time to remove the old sand. You can use a vacuum system to remove the old sand

 ● With the addition of water, you can remove it easily without any hurdle

 ● Wash the filter uni neatly after the removal of old sand

 ● Use a garden hose to remove the smallest particles of old sand

6. Add New Sand

It would be best if you had extra care during the filling of new sand in the filtration system. Make sure that sand is distributed smoothly. Follow the following steps for this purpose:

 ● Use one-third amount of water to fill the filter

 ● Prevent clogging in the sand by covering the air bleed covering the opening with tape

 ● Close the filter drain cap plug

 ● Pour new sand into the Poolking pool filter slowly

 ● Use water to cushion the sand fall

 ● Fill the tank to water level

 ● Stir the sand proper to level up with the surface

 ● Read filter manufacturer instructions to know the position of filling sand

 ● Continue to fill until the maximum limit achieve

 ● Approximately from the center of the filter 30 to 50-millimeter distance is covered

 ● Stir again to level up the surface

7. Rebuild The Filter Mechanism

Now follow the steps in the reverse direction again to reassemble the filtering mechanism.

 ● Remove the tape that is used to block the air bleed tube

 ● Clean or replace the air bleed cap

 ● Clean the filter lid

 ● Use Vaseline to cover the threads of the lid

 ● Please put it back on the filter system

8. Check The Working of the Filter

Test the filter by adopting the following steps:

 ● Activate the circulating pump through the opening of the valve

Please read our article related to working of a pump to enhance your knowledge

 ● Filter water for at least three minutes

 ● Firstly you will receive a stained appearance of water

 ● Repeat the process until the filter gives clean water

 ● Reset the valve filter

Now your job is done to replace the sand of the Poolking pool filter. New sand gives you clean water by capturing the smallest particle of dust.

Poolking pool filters

Advantages of Poolking Filtration System

There are many benefits of Poolking sand filters. This section elaborates on the various pros of the Poolking filtration systems.

 ● These filtration systems are easy to install as compared to other ones

 ● Its maintenance requires less time than the other filtration system

 ● They are environmentally friendly as compared to other pool filters 

Advantages of Sand as Media

Using sand as a filter media also has numerous advantages. Some of them are mentioned below.

 ● This media filter is durable

 ● Easy to clean as compared to other filter media

Why Should You Purchase Poolking Sand Filter?

At Poolking, you will find a wide variety of sand filters. Poolking pool filter is another name of quality. We have many years of experience regarding swimming pool equipment. Our sand filters are easy to use and maintain. We care about your money and time, so poolking is the right place for investment. Want to know more about our products? If yes, then visit the site. You can also ask queries about the other swimming pool equipment. Contact us now without any hesitation. We will try our best to resolve your pool-related problems.

The Bottom Line

You can also replace the sand of other sand filters by adopting the steps mentioned above. Replacing the media takes less than half an hour to complete. You need extra care during the filling of new sand and level with the surface. Hopefully, this blog clears your mind about the sand replacement of Poolking pool filters. If you want to learn more about the other swimming pool equipment, then read our other blogs. Still, have any confusion? If yes, then comment below!  

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