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A sand filter is just a sand tank linked to the filtration system in your pool. The sand tank captures trash and particles when the pool water goes through it, preventing them from returning to the pool. As a consequence, the water is cleaner and clearer. Sand filters are often made of mesh crystal silica #20 or #20 sand, although they may also be zeolite or glass. The sand filter housing is commonly composed of fiberglass, stainless steel, or plastic, and it must resist the high pressure necessary to operate the filtering system.


Swimming pool sand filters are a common choice for pool sanitation. To keep your pool water clean, these filters employ natural sand as a filtering agent, trapping particles as it goes through. No paper or fiber pieces to clog or tear means that sand filters may typically last for years with relatively minimal maintenance needed. Consider the advantages of sand filters to discover whether they're perfect for you and your pool if you're searching for a pool filtration solution.


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Which Kind of Pools Are Best for Sand Filters?


It is possible to use a sand filter in any inground pool, including fiberglass, vinyl liner, concrete, and prefabricated pools like container pools. For those with above-ground pools, sand filters are also a popular choice.

When it comes down to it, the kind of pool you have will have no bearing on the effectiveness of your filtration system or the type of filter you may use. Remember to include the number of hours per day that your filter will be running when determining an appropriate turnover rate.


How Does it Work?


Water passes through a canister containing sand as a sand filter. Although water may quickly move through the sand, bigger particles are obstructed. The clean water is returned to the pool via a pump after the sand has removed the trash and other particles. Filter performance improves as more debris is gathered in the filter; the debris aids in preventing smaller particles from going through the sand. 


The sand of a particular composition and grain size is used to provide uniformity and ensure that most, if not all, debris in your pool water are filtered out. Grains in the 45-to-55-millimeter range are used in sand filters. Sand offered as "pool sand" or "filter sand" expressly for use in sand pool filters will fulfill this criterion.


Materials Filtered by Sand


Your sand filter will catch a wide variety of particles. As water from your pool passes through the filter canister and the sand, it will be unable to pass through larger objects like leaves, pebbles, and insects. Using a sand filter, even particles as fine as 20 to 100 microns may be trapped by the sand, and even smaller particles can be held as the sand gathers waste. As the water in your pool passes through the filter, particles that were first filtered out may be re-filtered out.


Maintenance Requirements


You'll need to clean and maintain your sand filter occasionally since it collects debris. Having a lot of dirt and debris in your filter canister will put a lot of strain on it. Check your swimming pool's sand filter pressure gauge every week or two to see whether the pressure has gone up since the last time you checked it. You'll need to do a "backwash cleaning" to eliminate the extra dirt and debris in the sand once the pressure has been raised by 8 to 10 pounds. Sand filters may be backwashed in a few minutes. Allow the pump that circulates water through the filter to halt by turning it off completely.


Stop the pump using the backwash line and the pump's "Backwash" setting valve. Let the pump run for a while. Starting clear, the water will get darker due to the influx of dirt and debris. Let it run until the water clears up again, then turn the pump off. Rinse for 30 to 45 seconds with the pump running on "Rinse" in the setting valve. Set the pump to its default setting and run it after rinsing the filter with the backwash hose.


Changing the Sand


Even frequent backwashing isn't enough to keep a sand filter operating at peak efficiency. The filter container's sand will eventually need to be replaced; however, this will typically only be done once every 5 to 7 years. The sand filter's canister size affects how long it takes to perform the task of changing the sand.


Start a backwash and switch off the pump after you're done. Pressure may be released by opening the top pressure valve of the filter canister and then by turning on the bottom drain valve. The water can then be drained out. To avoid harming the container, loosen the bolts on one side of the canister at a time, working your way around the canister. Scoop out the sand in the filter canister by removing the canister's lid and scooping it out.


You'll want to inspect the sand filter's lateral components after removing the sand to determine whether they're loose or damaged. Ensure that any laterals that have cracked or come free are replaced before filling the container half full of water. Pour or shovel sand into the container until it is about an inch or two from the top; if you're unsure how much sand to add, see your pool filter owner's handbook. Reconnect the top of the canister and complete another backwash before resuming water flow through the filter.


Final Words

As you can see, we think a sand filter could be the best solution for your swimming pool. Before you depart, we'd like to leave you with a few words of wisdom: Don't let yourself get behind on your pool's upkeep. As long as you take care of your pool and sand filter, its appearance and functionality will improve with time.

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