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A swimming pool starting platform is a raised platform mounted at the end of a pool. This is the place where the swimmers start to race. The swimming starting platforms are available in various styles and varieties. Poolking offers a wide variety of starting platforms that can be fitted on the floor easily. In this guide, we will be guiding our readers on how to choose the best swimming pool starting platforms for commercial and residential swimming pools.


Swimming Pool Starting Platforms Come With a Variety of Configuration

Swimming pool platforms are designed to meet the needs of every competitive swimmer. There are endless options when it comes to pool platforms. They are also designed with a variety of configurations. These items are configured to meet the needs of the facility. They come with both design and anchor system options.

Full-height platforms can be installed at the swimming pool at the maximum allowable height. They are above water and make jumping into the swimming pool easy. These starting platforms can be accommodated according to the standard and track start tops. They feature all kinds of mount and step options.

Swimming Pool Starting Platform


Swimming Pool Starting Platforms Make a Difference When It Comes to Competition

The plastic tops of the pool starting platforms are made with low-density polyethylene. The swimming blocks are manufactured with a non-slip surface are match the industry standards. They are the perfect choice for all kinds of commercial swimming pools were a lot of professional swimmers come to swim.


Make Your Swimming Experience Smooth

Poolking swimming pool starting platforms aim to make your experience as smooth as possible. These starting platforms help you with measuring and assessing your facility. They use virtual meeting technology similar to having the contractor on the deck with you. You will also get professional customer service to help you get the installation process right. You can also get the swimming platforms at competitive pricing.


Get Best Quality Swimming Platforms That Provide the Perfect Safety

At Poolking you get swimming pool starting platforms made with high-quality materials. The manufacturers offer a tremendous line of starting platforms. They are designed with incredible non-slip tops and steps. The platforms are made with stainless steel block tops and are coated with a grit overlay that provides a level of traction. These are the qualities that you may not find in any competitor products.


Benefits of Swimming Pool Starting Platforms

Many people wonder why they need a swimming pool as a starting platform for their swimming pools. Here are some of the benefits of installing a swimming pool starting platform with your pool.

● The starting Platforms for your swimming pool are designed with attractive colors and add a visual appeal to your swimming pool

● The platform swimming pool is made with the best quality materials and can be used for a long time. You will not have to invest money frequently as these starting pools are cost-effective and highly durable.

● The starting platforms for swimming pools are non-slippery. They have a good grip and will not let your feet slip off before you jump off in the pool.

● Swimming pool starting platforms are customized to fit the size and shape of any kind of swimming pool. They are designed with various finishes and coated with stainless steel. This material provides a high-quality finish and makes the swimming pool starting platform resist corrosion.

● Starting pool platform offers an easy installation and removal as well. They have the best toe grips and allow you to take faster grips.

Swimming Pool Starting Platform

Factors to Look for When Purchasing a Swimming Pool Starting Platform

Here are some features you must look for when buying swimming pool starting platforms.

1. Size and dimensions

The size and dimension of your swimming pool starting platform must be the right fit for your pool. This process involves careful calculation, and this is why it is best to recommend the total height of the block itself. Consider the water depth and the distance from the pool deck to the water's surface. You should also check whether the amount that needs to be set back from the deck edge is appropriate.

2. Mounting

Starting platforms can be mounted to the pool deck in various ways. Some platforms can be bolted to a flange on the deck's surface. Some others feature single or double posts. Make sure to get a starting platform that can connect to the anchor sleeves. If your pool is a multi-use facility, then you should consider platforms that can easily be removed.

3. Timing integration

Some starting platforms come with embedded sensors. Blocks for pools can be integrated with popular timing systems. You should consider these kinds of components as this will help you to upgrade to some blocks after the initial purchase of the platform has been made.

4. Backstroke grips

There must be a range of grip positions suitable for backstroke swimmers. The grips of the pool starting platform must be either horizontal or vertical orientations or a combination of both.

5. Finish

Starting platforms must be designed with a good finish so that they can prevent slip-and-fall accidents. The block's remaining surfaces should be designed with powder coating.

6. Track start wedges and side rails

The swimming pool starting platforms must be designed with adjustable side rails and tracks. They allow the swimmers to get a stronger push-off. The high-quality side rails enable the swimmers to get farther in the water.


Why Choose Poolking for Buying Swimming Pool Starting Platform

Poolking offers a wide range of swimming pool equipment with the best materials. Poolking's range of swimming pool platforms is suitable for all types of swimming pools. Poolking is a reliable pool equipment brand that ensures the whole water circuit works properly. If you purchase pool starting platforms from Poolking, your pool conditions will be ideal.



Swimming pool starting platforms make a lot of difference to your performance. This is why it is best to consider pool starting platforms designed by Poolking. You can buy durable starting platforms that can handle all kinds of harsh pool environments. They are also good at resisting discoloration and don’t fade or crack easily. 

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