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If you are a pool owner or soon want to become one, it is necessary to know about the pool filter media. There are different types of filtration systems and you can have details about all of them. The media filter is commonly known as a sand filter. Similarly, if you are wondering how to run an above or in-ground pool, picking the best media filter is important. If you want more information about pool filters here is a filter media guide.

What Is a Pool Filter Media?

The pool filter media refers to three different types of filters useful for the pool. Some other options include cartridge and DE filters. There is no doubt that a pool filter media is efficient and cost-effective. It has become one of the most common choices among pool owners. You will be surprised to know that they don’t require regular cleaning.

All you need is to change the media every five to ten years and it gives good results. When you use a reliable filter it will keep the swimming pool water clean and hygienic. Each pool filter media is powered by a pool pump. It will filter dust and debris and you can enjoy swimming in clean water. Water circulation plays an essential role for you to achieve it.

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How Does Pool Filter Medias Work?

The pool filter media plays an efficient role in cleaning the debris and dust away from your pool. All these harmful particles will be caught in the filter. This media can easily trap a large amount of dust that is inside the pool filter. However, some of these Media will clean away the dirt while others can trap it only. Here is how the pool filter media works:

1. Mechanical Entrapment

Mechanical entrapment refers to the media that can easily capture dirt.

2. Electrostatic Attraction

Electrostatic attraction helps to attract dirt to the surface of the media. It creates an electrostatic charge when the water passes the media surface. This feels more like a charge especially when you walk on the carpet with your socks.

You need to understand that if the media is hard, it can bring a bigger electrostatic charge with water. This charge happens to be the best way for trapping the dirt away from pool water. It doesn’t matter what type your media is. Whenever more water passes from the medial filter it will become dirtier than before.

Initially, it can help with the filtration process but the dirt will become sticky with time. After some time you will notice dirt building up inside the filter itself. All of this will not remove with the help of backwash. Moreover, it will make the media lesser efficient and you may need to replace it too. It is necessary to replace the equipment after every five to ten years.

What Is a Multi-Port Valve?

Multi-port valve is one of the most essential parts of the media filter. It is one of those features that you will use the most. You can easily mount the multi-port valve at the top of the filter tank. It will help direct the water freely through the filter. Here is how it works:

1. Filter

A high-quality filter will direct the water from the media and bring it back to the pool.

2. Recirculate

The water will move straight inside the pool without going into the media.

3. Waste

When you use this waste position the water will start flowing straight towards the backwash. It may miss out on the media too.

4. Backwash

During the process of backwashing, all the water will move up towards the media. It helps flush down dirt and gives the best results to the user.

5. Rinse

You can simply rinse the filter after backwashing it. It will flush out any debris before it moves back into the filter.

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6. Closed

In this condition, the flow of the water is stopped at the right time. Whenever you want to change the settings of the multi-port valve it is necessary to turn off the pump. It will prevent your valve from damage or wear and tear.

How Long Can a Media Filter Last?

The media filters can usually last for about five to ten years. When you have fresh sand for the filter it features rough edges. It will efficiently capture all the debris and other harmful particles. If you notice any difference in your pool something may be wrong with the media filter. This is what you can check:

 · Is the water cloudy than usual?

 · Why is the pressure on the gauge not dropping after the backwash?

 · Have you been using more pool shock than usual?

If you witness any of the problems mentioned above, water will not pass through the media effectively. Your media filter must have a high level of resistance to cope with these changes.

What Kind of Media Is Suitable for Pool Owners?

Two different types of media are popular for pool filters. If you want to purchase it why not check out the collection at Poolking?

1. Glass Media

Glass media offers an eco-friendly choice for pool owners. As the name suggests it is made up of glass but will be smooth to touch. The manufacturers have created it with recycled glass. It will reduce the waste in landfills and offers a perfect solution for health-conscious people.

2. Silica sand

Silica sand has become a popular choice for pool filters. It features a rough service and offers a reliable net for catching debris. However, it may not filter as well as glass. As it doesn’t produce much of an electrostatic charge, you may not find it suitable.

3. Zeolite

Zeolite is a lot different than other types of filter media. It is not only soft but can efficiently trap the dirt inside. When you use it for the pool filter, the water quality will become good too.


There are different types of media filters available for swimming pools. You can read our guide above and find out which one is suitable for your needs. Get your pool filter media today from a wide range of products offered at Poolking. 

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