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People like to keep fish in their homes and want to create a healthy aquatic environment. The thriving aquatic atmosphere is created through the assembly of aquarium equipment. Actually, fish keeping is an art, and it is also required the correct knowledge of aquarium equipment. You will find many aquarium gadgets at the store. The question is, which are necessary that fulfill your needs? You can better understand this concept after reading the below-mentioned 3 categories of aquarium equipment.


● Some are essential

● Few aquarium pieces of equipment are helpful for specific applications

● Some equipment is totally useless


This guide is designed to inform you about different aquarium equipment that is essential for aquarium care and how they work. Choose the piece of equipment that fulfills your demands. Let's dive in to discuss the topic.

aquarium equipment

Essential Aquarium Gadgets

1. Tanks

There are many tanks available in the market having different shapes and designs. However, according to the material, there are basically two types:

● Glass

● Acrylic

Acrylic tanks are more expensive than the first one. It also has a lower index of refraction, while glass has a higher IOR. The size and shape of the tank depends upon the number of fish.

2. Heaters

It is essential aquarium equipment for tropical fish because heaters maintain the temperature of the aquarium. The ideal temperature for tropical fish is 78 Fahrenheit, which can be balanced through heaters. So it is compulsory for the overall health of the aquarium system. There are two types of heaters.

Submersible heaters stay entirely below the water, while others are partial. However, the heater keeps the temperature of the tank constant. Purchase the heater according to your tank size. A larger heater than your tank size will provide a hot environment for fish.

3. Thermometers

The accuracy of the heater is seen through the thermometer. It ensures that your tank is at the proper temperature level. It has two types. One is a traditional thermometer whose working principle is the same as the household thermometer. It is hung from the top edge of the tank to check the temperature. The other is a flat model thermometer. It sticks to the outside of the glass.

4. Filters

There are 3 different types of fish tank filters.

● Biological

● Chemical

● Mechanical

1. Biological Filtration

Fish produces toxic ammonia as a waste product that can be discarded through biological filtration (a type of aquarium equipment). It is the most reasonable way to protect your tank from ammonia. This biological filtration is essential for all types of tanks.    

2. Mechanical Filtration

It is used to remove other impurities from the tank, such as uneaten food, plant leaves, etc.

3. Chemical Filtration

It can remove chemical substances such as ammonia and heavy metals etc., through the phenomena of adsorption. It is a solution only for short-term problems such as cleaning water before it goes to the tank. You should keep in mind that your tank must have biological filtration. No doubt that chemical filtration also removes ammonia but only for specific conditions. So, chemical filtration is not the long-term solution.

Some filters perform all of these three actions. They are doing their job respectively, such as first mechanical filtration removes undesired particles after this biological filtration discards ammonia, which is further followed by chemical filtration (if present).

In order to select the correct size of the filter, consult with the manufacturers. Make sure that your aquarium doesn't need over filtering.

5. Lights And Hoods

Your aquarium also needs light and a hood, both types of aquarium equipment. The main objective of the hood is to control the jumping action of the fish. It also lessens the rate of water evaporation. You can effectively seal the tank with a good hood.

The light of the aquarium performs two actions.

● Light highlights the colors of the fish

● If your aquarium contains plants, then light gives them critical energy

Unfortunately, light also causes the formation of algae. However, lightning is suitable for viewing aquarium inhabitants.

6. Chlorine Remover

It is also essential for the protection of aquariums against many harmful chemicals. Tap water contains chlorine which is not suitable for the lifespan of fish. So, chlorine remover is compulsory in your aquarium equipment to overcome those severe conditions. The main objective of this remover is to neutralize chlorine in tap water.

7. Test Kits

The water parameters such as PH, amount of nitrates and ammonia is monitored through test kits. This regular checkup updated you about the healthy environment of the aquarium. There are many test strips available in the market that quickly measure the different parameters of water.

8. Cleaning Tools

These tools are essential for cleaning the contaminated water from the aquarium. There are a wide variety of magnet cleaners available in the market that clean algae. Moreover, the algae inside the plastic tube can be removed through a toothbrush effectively.

9. Substrate

This aquarium equipment helps in the process of aquarium filtration. It also improves the look of your aquarium.

10. Decoration

The decoration is optional. If you want to improve the appearance of the aquarium, then you can consider it. Overall, it increases the beauty of your aquarium.

The maintenance of your aquarium is vital for the healthy life of fish. Set up your tank correctly and check water temperature regularly.

Why Do You Choose Poolking Aquarium Equipments

If you are thinking of purchasing aquarium equipment, then Poolking aquarium equipment is one of the best choices. Our gadgets are essential for the seawater circulation system. Poolking aquarium equipment also proves the facility of biofiltration that protects your aquarium against ammonia. Please feel free to contact us and visit our website to know more about Poolking aquarium equipment.

Wrap Up

So, picking up the right aquarium equipment is an art; that proves beneficial for species' health and life. Being an aquarist, aquarium maintenance is one of your responsibilities and taking care of fish also. Moreover, you can make your aquarium more beautiful and attractive by using different decorative factors. Investing in Poolking for aquarium equipment benefits you in every aspect.

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