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Underwater pool lights are popular because they make the underwater environment safe. These lights are ideal to light up your pool and make it more attractive. If you are looking for more information on the underwater lights, you are right. It is essential to buy the best quality underwater pool lights to use them for a long time. Poolking offers the best underwater pool lights that are easy to install in all kinds of swimming pools. Here is a comprehensive guide about underwater lights.

underwater pool lights


What Types of Underwater Lights are Available?

There are three types of pool light available at Poolking.

 ● Incandescent

 ● Halogen

 ● LED (light-emitting diode).


1. Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are the traditional pool lights. This type of pool light is dim and ideal for installing in an ancient pool. If your pool were built long ago, these lights would be the perfect fit. You can make your pool shine with brightness as the incandescent lights have a lot to offer.


2. Halogen Lights

Halogen lights are the next generation of underwater pool lights. They are designed with the latest technology. Halogen lights are more energy-efficient compared to incandescent lighting. They are also long-lasting and emit intense light.


3. LED Lights Swimming Pool Lights

LED pool lights are the latest in lighting technology. They create a rich right and light up your swimming pool. They are vibrant and can be installed inside a pool. Pool lights replacement leads are also easy and convenient. These lights are the perfect pick for all upgraded pools.


How To Install Underwater Lights?

If you want to install your underwater pool lights perfectly, then you should follow the instructions below:


Pick the right height for the puck. It is essential to choose the best placement as this will allow you to enjoy the best brightness of the light. Make sure to keep the pucks away from the drive. It is best to place them in the middle. You should place two between the drives and tabs and the other one between the drives.


The lights must not be placed too deep, affecting the crystal-blue effect. Drill the hole for the lead wire. It is located at the center of the horizontal puck. You will have to drill two additional holes for the screws to hold the light in place.


Take the lead wire through the hole and take it to the engine compartment. Place a marine-grade sealant all around the wire and on your underwater pool lights' back. Seal the screw holes and use a sealant to keep the moisture out.


The inside wiring should be connected positive to positive and negative to negative. It is a great idea to have a dedicated rocker switch to install your underwater lights.


Use a rocker switch and install the 3-amp inline fuse to fix the positive wire. Make sure to keep the wiring simple. Always use the zip ties to keep them tidy.


What Are The Installation Costs?

The cost of the pool lights installation depends on the scale of the upgrade. The installation costs can vary from pool to pool. All the licensed electricians don’t charge the same, so there can be changes in their payment fees. For a normal-sized pool, the installation cost will be around $200. If you want to get a more elaborate upgrade, the installation costs can reach up to $700.


How Many Underwater Pool Lights Are Needed?

The number of lights needed to illuminate your pool correctly depends on the size of your swimming pool. The generally recommended requirement is around 5.4 watts per square meter. The 8.5 x 4.4-meter swimming pool will require around 200 watts of lighting. 2 x 100-watt halogen lights will be best for an average pool.


The number of lights in the pool also depends on the shape of the pool. The interior color of the pool surface also counts and determines the number of lights suitable for your pool. The pools with a rectangular shape require a light interior. In such pools, only a single LED light will suffice. The pools with a Non-rectangular shape are darker and might need more lights.  


What Are The Best Pool Lights?

Poolking offers the best quality energy efficiency. They are the perfect high quality underwater and have a service life of 100.000 hours. Each LED spotlight will help you save up to 90% in power consumption. Here are the best pool lights that you can buy for your swimming pools.


1. TLI series 118mm ABS+PMMA housing type underwater lights

These underwater pool lights are the perfect lights for residential pools. They are waterproof and can be installed inside the pool without any hassle. They come designed with an IP68 Cable length and are suitable for all kinds of swimming pools. They are made with a 2.0m material that is durable. These lights can be installed quickly and are energy efficient as well.


2. TLJ series ABS Plastic Niche Type Underwater Lights

The underwater pool lights are designed with durable ABS plastic. They are visually appealing and will allow you to light up your swimming pool brightly. Most people are looking for an LED pool light too bright, and this light will satisfy your needs.


3. TLK series 110mm Plastic Housing Type Mini Underwater Lights

If you are looking for LED pool lights for your home swimming pool, these mini pool lights are perfect. The mini pool lights are the perfect fit for pools with an average-sized pool. They are available in different designs and colors. You can enhance the appearance of your pool by choosing these pool lights for your swimming pool.


Wrap Up

The quality of your pool lights ensures their standard and durability. Choosing the highest quality pool lights to install in your swimming pool is crucial. Underwater pool lights from Poolking will satisfy your needs and provide you with premium quality pool lights. The energy-saving lights will allow you to cut the cost of your electricity bills. You can consult this guide to buy the best quality pool lights and install them without hassle.

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