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Guangdong Poolking Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd

POOLKING is one of the largest and professional swimming pool equipment manufacturer in China, with active customers in more than 40 countries. We have over 20 years experience in the swimming pool industry has evolved into an integrated production center for equipment relating to water technology. We constructed a 18000sqm product in facility in Guangzhou, China. Poolking has been accredited with Internationally-recognised standards such as :ISO9001:2008 for our factory, CE, SAFETY test report by CHINA GUANGZHOU STATE BUREAU OF QUALITY AND TECHNICAL SUPERVISION, HEALTH certificate by CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION OF GUANGZHOU PROVINCE on our products combined with our professionalism can make Poolking gain the trust and working partnership with our customers ,enabling Poolking to become a brand that customers can depend upon and a brand that speaks for its quality , reliability ,functionality and with a reputation.

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Guangdong Poolking Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co.Ltd

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