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Pool sand filters are the simplest to operate since they are the most often used. A pump circulates the pool water through a sand filter, which removes any dirt and debris before returning it to the pool. The simplicity of a sand filter's functioning belies its extraordinary efficacy. The finely-graded sand traps tiny particles of dirt, trash, and germs in the filter; the more closely packed the sand is inside its container, the more effective it is. However, your pool filter handbook may refer to this sand as 16/30 or 16-30 sand instead of pool sand.


For the long haul, homeowners can rely on pool sand filters, among the most popular filters on the market for their simplicity of use, efficacy, and minimal maintenance requirements. A sand filter uses a sand-filled pressure vessel to filter the pool water. Particles are as small as 25 microns may be removed with a sand filter. As the least efficient filtering rate available, this one nonetheless delivers excellent clarity. Only clean and fresh water can be extracted from the bed of sand as filth and grime build-up. However, backwashing this pool sand filter will be necessary after it is fully clogged. Filter media must be replenished to ensure that the water remains clear and free of contaminants.

Pool Sand Filter
Pool Sand Filter


Some Of the Advantages of Sand Filtering Include:


· It's a simple method to utilize.

· Installing and updating it is pretty affordable.

· Low-maintenance and doesn't need a service call.

· Removes dirt and debris from the pool, both tiny and huge.


Maintaining a pool sand filter may have piqued your interest, and you may be wondering what's required. Backwashing is a simple operation that reverses water flow and expels the unclean water down a drain to remove any dirt, algae, and visible debris from your sand filter. A periodic backwashing procedure is recommended to maintain the sand filter's optimal performance.


Once you've vacuumed the pool, it's a good rule of thumb to backwash when the pressure on the pressure gauge is 8-10psi over the beginning level. Whenever the needle is inside or near the red zone on your pressure gauge's red and green zones, it's time to do a backwash. You could also read your filter's handbook to see if there are any indicators that your pool sand filter needs to be back-washed.


If you're unsure whether or not your filter's sand needs to be replaced, we suggest reviewing your pool filter handbook first. You'll be able to have more efficient interactions with pool stores and sand suppliers if you have this information at hand. It is recommended that sand be replaced every six to seven years, depending on its degree.


To Clean Your Pool Sand Filter, Follow These Basic Steps:


· Your pool pump should be turned off.

· Set the multiport valve lever on the sand filter to the backwash position and lock it in place.

· Turn the pump on and backwash the sand filter for 2-3 minutes, or until the water in the sight glass is clear.

· Your pool pump should be turned off.

· Set the multiport valve lever on the pool sand filter to the rinse position and lock it in place.

· Turn on the pump and repeat the rinse procedure for another 1-2 minutes or until the water in the sight glass is clear.

· Your pool pump should be turned off.

· Return the multiport valve handle to the sand filter and ensure it's locked in place.

· Please turn on the pump and let it run for a while under normal circumstances.


Not backwashing your pool sand filter is also critical. When the pool has an extremely high level of dirt or debris, it is recommended to vacuum straight to the waste setting, bypassing the filter. Algae is another situation when backwashing may not be necessary, and both dead and living algae can re-enter the pool via the filter sand. The pool water should be vacuumed straight into the waste setting and then down the drain rather than backwashed.


How To Backwash a Pool Sand Filter for Maximum Filtering Efficiency?


While it's inevitable to lose water while backwashing, keep an eye on the color and quality of the water in the sight glass to ensure you don't flush away more than is required. Backwashing the filter will surely wash away part of the sand and the dirt and debris. To prevent sand blowback into the pool, fill up the sand level in the filter and perform a rinse cycle when you observe a decline in the quantity of sand in the filter.


It is possible to backwash excessively for an extended period, and Backwashing the pool sand filter too often might impair its effectiveness. Between each step that involves resetting or altering the filter valve setting, ensure to switch off the pool pump. It's possible that if you don't switch off the pump, the system will be damaged.

The rinse cycle is crucial for the backwashing process because it reseats the sand in its original place for optimal filtering. It's critical to keep your pool's water chemistry in check to destroy the tiny germs that may get past the sand filter.


What Should You Do with Old Pool Sand Filter?


The Sand Filter from an old swimming pool might be hazardous. It is full of contaminants removed from your pool water, but it's also toxic to breathe. Because of this, don't use it as a toy or as a litter box. Using it in concrete is out of the question due to its ultra-fine particle size.

In addition, buckets may be kept in the freezer and used for traction in the winter. A paving stone patio or walkway is just about the appropriate size and consistency to use as the foundation layer. Before adding dirt, you may use it to fill up any holes in your grass. To be safe, some individuals choose to bury it.



According to our recommendation, a pool sand filter can be the right choice for your swimming pool. Here are a few nuggets of knowledge for all pool owners: Don't neglect your pool's regular upkeep. Your pool and sand filter will last longer and look better if you maintain them well. Welcome to our website, Poolking is a professional pool filter manufacturer.

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