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In order to maintain the bathhouse pool, its cleaning is compulsory. Many ancient Greeks used pool sand filter to clean bath house pools. Suppose you are the owner of a pool and upgrade the filtration system through a sand pool.


The different thoughts engulf your mind, such as: The meaning of the sand filter. How does it work? Is it a better option to consider or not? This article is designed for you to clear your thoughts about sand pool filters. After reading this post, you will feel clear that it is the best opportunity. Pool sand filter is the affordable and most accessible choice to use to compare to other varieties. Let us start to discuss the topic!  

pool sand filter

What is a Sand Filter?

It is a tank of sand connected to the pool filtration system. The main objective of the sand filter is to clean the water of the pool from debris and bacteria. When the water passes from the tank, the sand of the tank catches the contamination. As a result, the clean water ran into the pool. The housing of the sand filter is made from:

 ● Stainless steel

 ● Fiberglass

 ● Plastic

It can bear enough pressure that is needed to power the filtration system.

How Does Pool Sand Filter work?

The working principle of a pool sand filter involves the following steps:

 ● First of all, high pressure is involved in the movement of water

 ● Water is moved from the top of the tank through the sand to the bottom of the tank

 ● Here water follows the trickle-down theory

 ● During this process, the sand catches all dirt and body waste

 ● Sand captures the even smallest particle to clean the water

When the sand becomes dense due to dirt and other particles, it needs to be backwashed.

What Kind of Sand Used in Pool Sand Filter?

The primary purpose of the sand is to remove impurities from water. There are three types of sand used in pool sand filters.

 ● Silica

 ● Zeolite

 ● Glass sand

The most common sand used in pool sand filters is silica, which has sharp edges.

Backwash Your Sand Filter

The process of backwashing is necessary to clean the sand. From the name, it is clear that backwashed is the reverse process. Here the water flow reverses its cycle and goes from the bottom to the top of the tank. Here are some characteristics of the backwashed process.

 ● It is high-speed process

 ● Backwash needed just few minutes to clean the sand from dust particles

After this cleaning process, the system has been rinsed. Now again, the impurity-free sand restarts the phenomena of cleaning the pool water.

Sand Filter or D.E. Filter, Which One is Better?

Diatomaceous Earth filters required more work to maintain. The price of D.E filter is also more than a sand filter. D.E needs to replace the powder frequently while sand of sand filter lasts for many years. However, it catches the smallest particle from water.

What is The Cost of Pool Sand Filter?

The average cost of the pool sand filter varies. The purchasing of sand filters also depends upon the size of the pool. However, in-ground and above-ground pools have different prices for pool sand filters.

 ● The price of in-ground sand filter is in the range of 450 to 1200$

 ● Above-ground pool sand filters are cheap as compared to the above. Its price range is between 300 to 500$

How to Maintain The Pool Sand Filter?

The steps involved in the maintenance are pretty straightforward. Let's take a glance at the following pool sand filter maintenance steps.

1. Cleaning of sand filter

As mentioned earlier, the sand is cleaned through the backwashed process. You can use this sand for 3 to 4 years. Clean the sand carefully from impurities. This action increases the time involved in the usage of pool sand filters.

2. Sand filter sand replacement

Depending on the usage of the tank, you can use sand without changing it for at least 3 to 4 years. This replacement is compulsory because sand loses its potency as a filter media. You see, that sand looks like the regular old sand with naked eyes. But in closer and deeper view, grains of the sand become rough with the usage.

When You Need to Replace Your Pool Sand Filter?  

If you maintain and care for your sand filter properly, it lasts for an extended period of 25 years or more. You may need to replace the different parts of the tank-like valves etc. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the pool sand filter matches the pool pump's flow rate.

Advantages of Pool Sand Filter

After overviewing the working, price, and maintenance of the pool sand filter, it's time to discuss its different pros. Let us start to discuss the benefits of it.

 ● One of the main advantages is that it has long-lasted investment in cleaning the water of the pool

 ● Significantly less effort and money are required to replace the sand

 ● Pool sand filters are easy to maintain than another system

 ● For many past years, its usage has been common

 ● It is easily serviced

Why To Choose Poolking Pool Sand Filter?

At Poolking, our pool sand filters are easy to use. If you are searching for a sand filter that can be maintained with less effort, Poolking is the right place to invest. You can upgrade your filtration system with a Poolking pool sand filter. Our sand filters fulfill the customer's needs well. You will find a wide variety of pool sand filters at Poolking. If you want to know the details, visit our site.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this blog post helps you understand the basics of sand filters. Now you are clear with the answers to your sand filter questions. Pool sand filters are the right option to choose for cleaning the water in the pool. Have any confusion? Please feel free to contact us or comment below!

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