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A Popular Salt Water Pool


When it comes to salt and water, the mind probably most come up with the ocean. It sound strange that people own salt water pools, but they absolutely do, and it seem like very popular recently. There is only one thing are different from salt water pools and traditional pools, which is how to sanitized. A traditional pool uses chlorine based products, for example. Whether a salt water pool is a good option for you is your choice. Here are some things to consider.



Salt Water Pool Sanitation

A salt pool system works a little differently. By using the Salt pool chlorination generator. It is a simple chemistry---- Sodium chloride hydrolysis. Only with salt and water, the hypochlorous acid can be create for the pool water disinfection.


salt water pool filtration system

Benefits of a Salt Pool Filtration System

The main benefit that people appreciate about salt water system is that they do not have to add chlorine actively. It can produce hypochlorous acid independently. It's very convenient for management and save a lot of time to clean up the swimming pool.

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