Why is there a difference in the price of hair filters? What are the characteristics of Poying hair filters?


A funny thing happens these days. A Henan customer asked us to purchase a batch of 300,000 sand cylinders before, but the hair filter did not ask us to buy, because our new hair collectors were too expensive, saying that each of them was about 100~200 expensive, not worth it. Find us to purchase. Recently, the customer had some problems with the hair filter, but sent it to our factory to ask us to change it, but we saw that it was not our product, so we simply took it over and studied it , Where is the difference in price? Appearance of hair filter equipment: 1. We use the quick-opening type for the cover plate connection, and they use screws.

2. Our cover plate is a unique arc-top device. They use a flat plate and are very thin. 3. We have pressure gauges, exhaust valves and sight glasses, and they have nothing. From the cost differences in these process details, our company’s products do cost a lot more, about 200 or so, which is more consistent with the actual situation . But because our company is the largest manufacturer in the industry, we all mass-produce them on the assembly line. Even so, we don't think their company's price can be so low.

So we continued to study. Material testing: We used the stainless steel rapid determination liquid models "N8 energized type" and "N2 energized type" of New Jingwei Company to use electrolytic measurement. The judgment method is: N2 discoloration, N8 medicine does not change color and belongs to 201 material; N2 and N8 medicine are both Discoloration belongs to 304 material. The following are our measurement results. Bottom inspection: Flange inspection: Connection between flange and cylinder: As you can see, except for the cylinder, top cover and filter screen, other parts are made of 201 stainless steel.

Here I think we have found the reason why their price is 200 yuan cheaper than ours. If we use this method of splicing real and fake materials to produce, our company can lower the price, but this will violate professional ethics and infringe on the rights and interests of customers. This method of deceiving customers and violating integrity, We absolutely cannot do it, and at the same time call on everyone to resolutely boycott. There are business principles in business, and honesty is the foundation.

We can't use any means for profit. As a leading enterprise of swimming pool stainless steel sand tank, we, Boying, must advocate fair competition and more reasonable competition. We can't destroy the market environment in order to lower the price, shoddy and damage the interests of customers!!! Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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