why is my pool ladder floating


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Why Is My Pool Ladder Floating?

Are you experiencing a problem with your pool ladder floating? Not only can this be frustrating, but it can also pose a safety hazard for swimmers. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind a floating pool ladder and what you can do to fix the problem.

Subheading 1: Understanding Basic Pool Physics

Before diving into the specific reasons for a floating pool ladder, it is important to understand a bit about basic pool physics. Simply put, buoyancy is a force that causes lighter objects to float to the surface of a denser liquid – in this case, water. A pool ladder that is too buoyant will have a tendency to float rather than sink to the bottom of the pool.

Subheading 2: Problematic Pool Ladder Materials

One possible reason for a pool ladder floating is the material it is constructed from. If your ladder is made from a lightweight, buoyant material such as aluminum or resin, it will have a stronger tendency to float than heavier materials such as stainless steel. While aluminum ladders are lightweight and resistant to rust, they may require additional ballast weight to prevent them from floating.

Subheading 3: Improperly Installed Ladder Anchors

Another possible culprit for a floating ladder is improperly installed anchors. Ladder anchors are designed to provide a secure anchoring point for pool ladders to prevent them from floating or sliding around. However, if the anchors are improperly installed or not tightened securely, they may allow the ladder to float. Make sure to check that your ladder is properly anchored and tightened.

Subheading 4: High Pool Water Levels

In some cases, a ladder may only float when the pool water level is high. This is because the added water increases the buoyancy force, making it more difficult for the ladder to sink. Check your pool’s water level and adjust if necessary to help keep your ladder where it belongs – at the bottom of the pool.

Subheading 5: Adding Ballast Weight to the Ladder

If the above solutions have not resolved your floating ladder issue, adding ballast weight to the ladder can help keep it grounded. This can be achieved by adding sandbags, weights, or even filling the ladder rails with sand or water. This added weight will help the ladder stay submerged instead of floating to the surface.


A ladder that is consistently floating in your pool is frustrating and potentially dangerous for swimmers. Understanding basic pool physics and the materials used to construct your ladder can help determine the cause of the problem. Additionally, checking that your ladder is properly anchored, and adjusting your pool water levels can help to prevent the ladder from floating. If these solutions do not work, adding ballast weight to the ladder is a simple and effective solution to keep your ladder safely anchored to the bottom of your pool.


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