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where to place a pool handrail


Author: Poolking - Swimming Pool Equipment Manufacturer


A pool handrail is an essential feature of any swimming pool that requires easy and safe access. It provides support for pool users, especially senior citizens and those with mobility challenges. But where exactly should you install your pool handrail for maximum effectiveness and accessibility? In this article, we will explore the different placement options and highlight the factors to consider when deciding on the ideal location.

Placement Options for a Pool Handrail

1. Entry and Exit Points

The primary placement for a pool handrail is at the entry and exit points of your swimming pool. This is where most accidents occur, and where most people need assistance getting in and out of the pool. A handrail at these points will provide stability, prevent slips and falls, and make it easier for pool users to enter and exit the pool, especially for those with mobility issues.

2. Steps and Stairs

If your pool has stairs or steps, it is essential to install handrails. These areas are the most challenging for people to navigate, and a handrail will provide much-needed support. A handrail installed on one or both sides of the stairs will allow swimmers to climb up and down the stairs with greater ease and safety.

3. Deep End

While most accidents occur at the shallow end of the pool, it is still essential to have handrails at the deep end. Deep water may be a challenge for swimmers, especially those who are not experienced or confident in the water. A handrail on the pool's deep end will allow swimmers to hold on as they adjust and get comfortable with the water, and provide support as they swim or tread water.

4. Around the Pool Deck

Another placement option for a pool handrail is around the pool deck, where people will sit or stand, relax, or chat. A handrail installed on the deck will provide stability for those standing, walking, or sitting around and prevent slips and falls due to wet, slippery areas. This option is also ideal for people with mobility issues who may need support while on the deck.

5. Along the Swimming Lanes

If you have a lap pool or a pool with designated swimming lanes, it may be useful to install handrails along the lanes. These handrails will provide swimmers with support as they move through the water, allowing them to keep their balance and maintain a steady swimming pace.

Factors to Consider when Deciding on the Ideal Placement

1. Pool Users

Consider the demographics of your pool users, their age, mobility status, and any medical conditions they may have. These factors will help determine which areas of the pool require handrails and whether additional handrails may be necessary.

2. Pool Design and Layout

The design and layout of your pool will determine where the handrails can be installed. An oval or circular pool, for example, may require handrails in different locations from a rectangular pool.

3. Safety Requirements and Codes

Check with local safety regulations and building codes to ensure compliance when installing handrails. Regulations may specify spacing, height, and other safety features that all handrails must have.

4. Installation and Maintenance

Choose a location that is easy to install and maintain. The location should not require extensive renovations or alterations to the pool, and the handrails should be easy to access and clean.

5. Aesthetics

Lastly, the placement of your pool handrail may have an impact on the pool's aesthetic appeal. Ideally, the handrails should be installed in a way that complements the overall swimming pool design and does not detract from the pool's beauty.


A pool handrail is a necessary safety feature that provides swimmers with stability and support while in the water. The location of the handrails is crucial for maximum effectiveness and accessibility. Consideration of pool users, design and layout, safety requirements, installation and maintenance, and aesthetics will help determine the ideal placement of your pool handrails. Remember that safety should always come first when making this decision.


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