Where can I find swimming pool water treatment equipment? How to choose?


(1) The tank body of the sand tank filter can be made of stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other materials. If the stainless steel tank is used, the stainless steel material should be resistant to chloride ion corrosion: when the ozone disinfection system is used, the material and anti-corrosion requirements of the water distributor and water collecting device in the tank should be the same as those of the tank. . (2) The filter sand tank should preferably use a vertical tank.

(3) The filter material of the sand tank is quartz sand. (4) The composition and filtration rate of the filter material should meet the requirements of the "Swimming Pool and Water Recreation Pool Water Supply and Drainage Design Code". (5) Thickness of the support layer of the sand tank filter: it should meet the requirements of the "Swimming Pool and Water Recreation Pool Water Supply and Drainage Design Code". (6) To select a finished filter (including an ozone adsorption filter), you should ask the manufacturer for detailed information, and analyze and study the uniformity of water distribution and water collection, the particle size and thickness of the filter material, and the combination of the filter material layer. Determine the filtering speed.

(7) When choosing a gravity filter, you should ask the supplier for detailed product description materials and quality review certificates. At the same time, there should be reliable measures to prevent the safety accident of the filter overflow caused by the pool water due to a sudden power failure. (8) Ozone adsorption filter: ① The tank body should be made of stainless steel. If carbon steel is used, the inner wall should be lined or painted with polyethylene plastic or paint.

② The filter material of the adsorption tank is generally activated carbon. When the micropore surface area is at least 1000㎡/g, the layer thickness is about 500mm; the filtration rate is suitable between 33-37m/h. (9) The stainless steel tank body should be preferred for the ozone reaction tank. If carbon steel is used, the inner wall is lined with or painted with polyethylene plastic or paint.

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