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what to do when pool filter pressure is high


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What to do when pool filter pressure is high?

Your pool is a blissful oasis in the scorching heat of summers. It is a breeding ground for leisure and fun times. However, to keep your pool crystal clear and hygienic, it is important to maintain and take care of it regularly. One of the most vital parts of pool maintenance is the pool filter. It collects all the dirt and debris, allowing only clean water to circulate back into the pool. But what happens when the pool filter pressure is high? In this article, we will cover all the reasons and solutions for high pool filter pressure.

Why is your pool filter pressure high?

1. Clogged pool filter

The most common reason for pool filter pressure to be high is when the filter is clogged with debris, dirt, or algae. When the pool filter cannot allow water to flow freely, it puts extra pressure on the pump, which results in high pressure.

2. Dirty skimmer basket

Your pool skimmer basket is the first point of contact to catch floating debris. When this basket is dirty and clogged, it affects the filter's ability to collect and filter out unwanted matter, which ultimately leads to high pressure.

3. Closed return valves

Another reason for high pressure could be due to a closed return valve. This restricts the flow of water leaving the pool, forcing it to stay within the filter, which results in high pressure.

4. Faulty or oversized pool pump

Sometimes, the reason behind high pool filter pressure could be a faulty or oversized pool pump, causing it to work unnecessarily hard, leading to extra pressure on the filter.

What to do when your pool filter pressure is high?

1. Clean your pool filter

The first step in addressing high pool filter pressure is to clean the filter. This will help remove any debris or dirt that would be restricting the water flow- you can take apart the filter and clean its individual parts or replace the filter entirely. Cleaning the filter could include rinsing it with a hose, soaking it in detergent or acid, or cleaning it with a filter cleaning tool specifically designed for this purpose. Whatever method you choose, be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines to avoid damage to your filter.

2. Clean your skimmer basket

Cleaning your skimmer basket is another way to lower pool filter pressure. Emptying the basket and cleaning any debris can prevent the debris from backing up into the filter and clogging it.

3. Check return valves

One easy solution for high pool filter pressure due to closed valves is to check valves leading to and from the filter. Open any closed valves to keep water flowing from the filter to the pool.

4. Check the pool pump

If the pool pump is faulty, noisy, or oversized, it can cause high pool filter pressure. Check the pump's components and ensure that the pump is correct for your pool size.

5. Hire a professional

Some swimming pool owners may feel overwhelmed with these maintenance steps and, in that case, can always hire a professional to assist. pool service companies specialize in pool filter maintenance, and having them fix the issue can give you peace of mind that you're getting the best care for your pool.


High pool filter pressure can occur due to simple issues. Regular maintenance of the pool filter, skimmer basket, and return valves can prevent clogging, ultimately leading to a lower filter pressure. Keeping the pool pump correctly sized is another factor to minding your pool's filter pressure. With the right care, your pool can continue to be an oasis of enjoyment for years to come.


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