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What maintenance does a swimming pool need?


After owning a swimming pool, you need to maintain your swimming pool regularly to ensure health and enjoyment! Just a few simple steps can keep the swimming pool free of bacteria, algae and pollutants for a long time. Don't overlook this simple step, it only takes a short time to keep you and your family healthy for a long time! The first is regular basic maintenance. Under the bright summer sun, as soon as you see the rippling pool, you will definitely be tempted to jump into the pool and take a dive.

In order to enjoy this pleasure at any time, you only need to perform daily maintenance, which requires no more than half an hour per week, to prevent the attack of bacteria and algae. As for daily maintenance, you can choose to use a swimming pool net to clean the pool. Insects or dead leaves in the pool cannot escape from the net, which can help you clean quickly and effectively. In addition, it is necessary to detect the water level of the swimming pool and adjust the filtration system in time.

Once a week you will need to clean the bottom of the pool, change the filter element or bag, and check the pH and chlorine levels. The third is annual maintenance. Summer is over, and we must prepare for the winter break.

Careful inspection of all accessories is required to avoid aging of the accessories when the pool is reactivated in the spring. If water is left in the pool, you can add a winter break water treatment to prevent algae blooms and scaling of the pool walls. Now, you can act to do a good job of swimming pool protection! Maintenance costs must also be an important factor you consider when performing swimming pool maintenance.

How much does pool maintenance cost? Because of the importance of regular pool maintenance, pool maintenance costs should be included in your budget. You need to consider 3 aspects of water bills, electricity bills and swimming pool maintenance additives. Pool use (including diving and sports), natural evaporation, and winter closures all cause water loss, so you need to refill your pool regularly.

As for the use of water pumps and the addition of pool maintenance additives, additional costs are also required. In addition, each swimming pool has its own uniqueness. Factors such as pool size, surrounding environment, heating system, sun room, automatic membrane cover will all affect your budget.

You can consult your local dealer, and we will propose solutions for you according to the specific conditions of your home pool. Regular maintenance can also prolong the service life of the swimming pool. Invisibly, your investment actually saves trouble in the future. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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