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What is the function of the constant pressure water supply device?


Brief introduction of constant pressure water replenishment device Constant pressure water replenishment device is specially used for steady pressure water replenishment of heating and heating systems, air conditioning systems and boilers. , its notable features include: voltage stabilization, continuous water replenishment, expansion, overpressure automatic pressure relief and other functions, it is an updated product of the capsule floor-standing expansion tank. Composition of constant pressure water replenishment device The constant pressure water replenishment device is composed of a bladder-type surge tank, a water pump, a control box, an underframe, a pressure sensing device, and a pipeline valve. Commonly used water supply equipment with multiple functions. Product application of constant pressure water replenishment device ●It is used for pressurized water supply in production, fire protection and living systems, and is generally called a bladder automatic water supply device.

●Used in heating and air-conditioning systems as pressure-stabilizing expansion water replenishment equipment, generally called bladder-type floor-standing expansion tanks. Working principle of the constant pressure replenishment device The constant pressure replenishment device adopts the static pressure of the system as the design initial pressure head in the expansion tank, and adopts the pressure to ensure that the hot water in the system does not vaporize as the terminal pressure head in the expansion tank. During the initial operation, first start the supplementary water pump to fill the system and the water chamber in the air pressure tank. After the system is full, the excess water is squeezed into the capsule.

Because of the incompressibility of water, as the amount of water continues to increase, the volume of the water chamber will continue to expand and the air chamber will be compressed, and the pressure in the tank will also continue to rise. When the pressure reaches the design pressure, the make-up water pump is turned off by the pressure controller. When the water in the system is heated and expands to make the system pressure rise above the design pressure, the excess water will be discharged to the make-up water tank through the safety valve for recycling. The water in the tank is continuously pressed into the pipe network to make up for the pressure drop loss of the system. When the system pressure reaches the minimum pressure allowed by the design, the water supply pump is restarted through the pressure controller to replenish water in the pipe network and the pressure tank, and so on.

Main features of constant pressure water supply device 1. Good sealing performance, once inflated, can be used all year round. 2. Small footprint, flexible configuration, fast combined installation, and convenient operation and maintenance. 3. Due to the separation of water and air, the water quality is guaranteed to be pollution-free and the tank body will not be corroded in a fully enclosed state.

4. It can effectively eliminate most of the water hammer and pipeline noise. 5. Automatic control, easy to use and reliable operation. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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