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What is the difference between hard water and soft water


The concept of hard water and soft water The so-called "hard water" means that there are many mineral components dissolved in the water, especially calcium and magnesium. When this kind of water is used at home, it can not only make soap produce foam, but also deposit a layer of scale on the washed clothes. When the water is boiled, a layer of hard white scale will gradually form on the bottom of the pot and the bottom of the thermos; Water that contains or contains less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds is called soft water. The difference between hard water and soft water - the following index indicates water hardness: Soft water: 60ppm Slightly hard water: 60-120ppm Hard water: 120-180ppm Extremely hard water: above 181ppm The difference in taste Soft water: less calcium and magnesium, soft taste, suitable for making tea, Make coffee, cook meals.

Because it contains less magnesium, it is also suitable for preparing baby formula. Hard water: The more calcium and magnesium, the more minerals in the taste, the stronger the astringency and heaviness. The difference between daily use and drinking If you use hard water for a long time in your life, the efficiency of the water heater will decrease, and the humidifier and shower head will often be blocked. After bathing and washing your face, your skin will become astringent and tight, and your clothes and towels will become hard after several washes. Phenomenon; If you drink hard water for a long time, the inorganic minerals in the water cannot be effectively digested and absorbed, and will accumulate in the human body, causing various diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular, and stones.

In western developed countries, 90% of household water (including cooking, washing, showering, etc.) use soft water. Due to the improvement of drinking water quality, it has shown great advantages in environmental protection, water saving and health. Soft water can make the clothes more fluffy and soft, the furniture bright as new, and the high-end bathrooms and kettles will no longer be scaled. If you bathe with soft water, it can delay the aging of the skin, so that the skin will not feel tight after washing, and the luster will be delicate.

The method of identifying hard water and soft water: Method 1: Take a cup of hot water, chop soap into it, soap can be completely dissolved, and after cooling, it will become a translucent liquid (more soap will freeze), which is soft water; There is a layer of undissolved white foam on the back surface of the water, which is hard water. The more foam there is, the harder the water will be. Method 2: You can also heat it with a beaker. Hard water leaves more scale on the wall of the beaker.

Because hard water is water containing more soluble calcium and magnesium substances, after heating, these soluble calcium and magnesium substances are converted into insoluble substances, and hard water has more precipitated impurities, and the more impurities, the greater the hardness of the water. The working principle of the water softening device: The water softening device applies the principle of ion exchange to remove scaling ions such as calcium and magnesium in the water to soften the water quality. The system is an integrated device consisting of a resin tank, a salt tank (softened resin), and a controller.

A control valve or multi-way valve is installed, Realize program-controlled operation and automatic regeneration; use the siphon principle to absorb salt, automatically inject water to dissolve the salt, and proportion the concentration without the need for salt pumps, salt-dissolving and other auxiliary equipment. It belongs to softening and desalting equipment, softening and desalting equipment, and softening and desalting machinery. The system has the following advantages: ◆ Water softening process automation: The equipment realizes the automation of ion exchange and resin regeneration process through the program control device.

◆ Efficient: The design of the water softener is reasonable, so that the resin can work effectively and the exchange capacity can be fully utilized. ◆ Labor-saving: no special operation is required, and the installation is simple. ◆ Non-toxic: The valve body is made of lead-free brass or engineering plastics.

◆ Water saving: the water production rate is over 98%. ◆ Power saving: Due to the siphon principle, no salt pump is needed for regeneration. ◆ Easy to adjust: The regeneration cycle and time can be adjusted as needed.

◆ Tank body anticorrosion: The tank body is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, stainless steel, and steel-lined plastic to avoid resin pollution. ◆ Wide applicability: It can be used in industrial boilers, heat exchangers, air conditioners, laundry, bathing equipment, food, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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