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What are the daily maintenance of outdoor swimming pools


Daily maintenance of outdoor swimming pools 1. Discoloration of pool water: Outdoor swimming places have a large amount of water to replenish due to the large amount of water evaporation and no consideration of heating costs. In addition, there are more sand and gravel dust, and heavy metals such as iron in the water. The concentration of manganese is easy to increase, resulting in the color of the pool water. In addition, if copper sulfate is used as an algaecide, the pool water is easy to form opaque blue water due to the lack of proper control of the total alkalinity. There are precipitants or clarifiers to restore the water color. The composition of colored pool water can be roughly distinguished as follows: Brown water: dissolved metal iron Blue-green water: dissolve metal copper Brown-black water: dissolve metal manganese, iron Blue-white water: dissolve metal copper. Aluminum green water: dissolve metal copper or iron or green algae. Black water; dissolved manganese metal or filter spray.

White water: dissolves aluminum metal. 2. Chlorine evaporation: Chlorine in water under the sun is not stable, and ultraviolet radiation will provide the energy for chlorine decomposition reaction, which shows that the main part of outdoor swimming pool consumes chlorine. Generally speaking, under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, if there is no In the presence of enough chlorine stabilizers, 90% of the chlorine in the swimming pool will be decomposed within two hours, that is, the half-life is about 35 minutes. The half-life is as long as 200 days. For outdoor pools, because ultraviolet radiation is the best way to control the decomposition of chlorine, chlorine stabilizers are used to isolate the damage to chlorine caused by ultraviolet rays in water, so that the amount of chlorine used in outdoor swimming places can be completely reduced. Response to disinfection and sterilization. 3. Control of green algae: Algae is mainly caused by lack of chlorine or insufficient oxidation. To eliminate its existence, it is necessary to consider not only the characteristics of green algae, but also the safety of swimmers and the maintenance of the pool landscape. The growth of green algae is gradual. At any time in the air, algae robes will fall into the pool water. After waiting for a suitable environment, the algae will start to divide. When there is a chance of chlorine deficiency, the algae will start to reproduce. When the chlorine content is replenished next time , most of the algae that have grown will be killed, and the other small part will be protected by the algae corpses that surround the outside and provide water transport. At the same time, they will begin to adapt to the environment, forming dominant growth and drug resistance. The best growth warning lies in the dead corners of water flow, tile seams, etc. On the other hand, if the chlorine concentration is continuously low for more than a period of time, algae will form a layer of algae wall on the tile surface with long sunshine.

The role of heavy metal algicide is copper, silver, Lead, iron, mercury, and copper are the most used algicides. However, copper ions are very sensitive to total alkalinity. In the presence of alkaline acid radicals, copper ions will quickly form insoluble copper, which will precipitate at the bottom of the pool and cause coloring of the pool body, which is easy to remove from the pool. It can be seen that the brick joints are green. Although copper sulfate is powerful in killing algae, it also has its shortcomings. Therefore, the new type of compound quaternary ammonium salt emphasizes the speed of algae killing and has no disadvantages of copper sulfate. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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