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Since established, Poolking aims to provide outstanding and impressive solutions for our customers. We have established our own R&D center for product design and product development. We strictly follow the standard quality control processes to ensure our products meet or exceed our customers' expectations. In addition, we provide after-sales services for customers throughout the whole world. Customers who want to know more about our new product plumbing uv sterilizer aquarium or our company, just contact us.

The sun will be the energy supply on Earth, and the sun may be converted into electricity.Power is critical now.It forces us to use machines every day.What is the solar panel?If you can take your own personal?We will reveal a way to build panels that will work for you.Solar energy is usually manufactured in (6) components, I .e. photovoltaic (photovoltaic) electrical or solar panels that generate electricity, glass that covers and covers solar cells, providing a rigid frame, the back panel planted by the solar panel, the junction box connecting and closing the wires, and the encapsulation agent acting as the glue.Because a lot of people do not need equipment that uses solar panels, it is necessary to see and understand all these six components in order to organize the production of the substances needed for self-made or household solar energypanel.The substances needed for how to best obtain solar energy must be available online or in purchase and must be kept within the price range of the brand --New solar panels or you don\'t need a long time and effort to build.The first thing is your group.Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy or panels convert observable light into electricity.However, one (1) solar panel is not sufficient to produce the available power like the micro-robot on Baymax (Hero 6), which becomes only useful when coupled as a set.This simple unit generates a DC (DC) voltage of 0.5 to 1 liter, even if it is decent, the voltage is still too small for some software.The panels are connected in series and encapsulated in the module, which generates a DC voltage.If a cell creates 0.5 volts, which can be connected to other cells in the string, should be able to produce 1 liter plus so that they can be called modules.A module contains 28 to 36 series units.A 28-The battery module should be able to generate about 14 hp (28x0 ).5 = 14VDC) sufficient to control the power supply of 12 v batteries or to supply 12 v devices.Adding a few solar panels requires your basic understanding of the Union and tandem, which is comparable to the method of connecting the battery to generate battery storage.Only two popular solar panels may have been purchased in the market;A mobile phone and a Jujing mobile phone.The difference is the efficacy, although the two may have a size of 156mm x 156mm, but the exact size.If you happen to ignore several of these cells, it is critical to purchase additional cells as a backupe.Poor welding, damage to mobile equipment, scratches, etc..Solar panels are usually black and white octagonal.The solar panels are made of the purest and highest quality silicon, which makes them cheaper.Nevertheless, they are indeed the most effective of most solar panels and are almost always the choice of solar builders, when distance is an equally important factor in achieving their capabilities, I want to implement predictions in their solar system design.Multi-Crystal photovoltaic cells have been distinguished from soil color.These cells are 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aluminum areas on all sides of this solar cellPanel has been added.Think of it as a thin frame.The solar-The panels arranged in a manner are made up of 4 other components, so laminated and layered in sequence from top to bottom;the tempered-Glass, high package, solar cell, lower side package, then your back panel.In our solar panels we will use a wooden frame and the final result is similar to an image frame in which the solar cells are glued to some non-conductive boards, the glass is glued to the cover of the plexiglass, as well as the wooden part that serves as the frame and back panel.4.The back may be the coating of the picture on the surface of the top layer.This may be the layer to protect the module from dangerous DC voltage.The most important use of the backplane will always be to insulate and protect the processor from shock and provide the safest, most effective and reliable conductivity potential.The back panel may soon be considered plywood and the frame may be stitched on 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normal electrical junction box at the Community hardware store.The purpose of the junction box is always to really protect the terminals (positive and negative ions) from dust, water and other elements.Also, this is where 2 cables (red on the front and black on the negative) may arrive soon.The other end of these two cables can be shielded using a PV attachment called MC-4 can be purchased online with PV junction box.6.The packaging board prohibits the multiplication of solar modules to produce dirt and water, and can also be used as a shock absorber to protect photovoltaic cells.They glue the glue to the glass, the photovoltaic cells, and the back plates that are very similar to the paste but are more sturdy.As a result, the filling glue is used for machines and procedures made of EVA or even ethyleneVinyl Acetate.Solar panel manufacturers use vacuum and large ovens to properly seal and secure EVA sheets on the panel.Most people do not need the ability to do so, but most people still try and ignore it, while others have achieved varying degrees of achievement.The filling agent is a plastic sheet that is usually laminated on the top and bottom of the solar panel.The encapsulation agent may be your coating in addition to the back plate where the panel is encouraged and placed.We will use paint in our work.This paint will not be applied to PV batteries as it was tried, nor will it cause this liquid to enter the top of these batteries, thus affecting performance.The paint will be placed on the wooden frame, on the wooden back plate, and will also be placed in the nail plate.This acrylic latex paint should have the ability to protect wooden components from UV rays, and it may be better protected against blistering and breakage over time.The paint gets colder and can dry.

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