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What is an open channel UV sterilizer?


Hot questions from customers: What is an open channel ultraviolet sterilizer? Open channel ultraviolet disinfection equipment and open channel ultraviolet disinfection system are suitable for disinfection treatment of terminal water in industrial wastewater discharge and domestic sewage discharge. Applicable objects are sewage treatment stations of sewage treatment plants, factories and hospitals, etc., and are used for disinfection treatment of channel drainage. The open channel ultraviolet disinfection equipment modules are installed in the open ultraviolet disinfection channel. For the convenience of maintenance, the power distribution cabinet and control cabinet are installed above the water channel.

The ultraviolet light tubes are arranged in bent racks in the open channel, and the ultraviolet light tubes are discharged in parallel with the direction of the water flow. The open channel ultraviolet disinfection uses software to calculate the required ultraviolet intensity and dose, and uses the biological dosimetry method to verify that the treatment effect is up to standard. The system mainly consists of the following components: (1) Ultraviolet Lamp The core component of the ultraviolet disinfection system - the ultraviolet lamp adopts high-intensity and long-life low-pressure lamp, with a service life of ≥ 12,000 hours, and the UV-C efficiency can be maintained above 85%. , Fully guarantee the stability of the disinfection effect.

(2) Electronic control system Built-in self-diagnosis, automatic fault alarm and shutdown, with real-time ultraviolet dose control function, communication function with host computer, and remote monitoring. (3) Electronic ballast Adopt advanced technology, flexible modular design, easy to install and maintain. (4) PLC The PLC control system ensures the stable operation of the system.

In addition, the open channel ultraviolet disinfection system is also equipped with an online automatic cleaning system, disinfection module, quartz sleeve, ultraviolet intensity detector, etc., and provides three systems of open channel ultraviolet disinfection equipment: KCW/V, KCW/S, and KCW/H. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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