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What are the small swimming pool equipment, how to choose


What are the small swimming pool equipment, how to choose Small swimming pool is relatively speaking, in fact, there is no accurate definition. The public swimming pools and gymnasium swimming pools we often go to are generally standard swimming pools, that is, large swimming pools, and small swimming pools are much smaller pools than large swimming pools. It is not necessary for the small swimming pool equipment to be the same as the large swimming pool equipment, just choose the appropriate model.

Small swimming pools in hotels or villa swimming pools are all small swimming pools. Due to its smaller size, it does not require the same equipment as larger pools. In addition to being one size smaller than ordinary swimming pools, commonly used small swimming pool equipment, there are also some equipment specially used for small swimming pools.

The steps of swimming pool water treatment and the items to be treated are the same, so the functions of small swimming pool equipment and ordinary swimming pool equipment are similar. The most basic water treatment equipment to be used in swimming pools includes purification and filtration cycle + disinfection + algae killing + clarification + sewage suction, etc. Here we mainly introduce the commonly used equipment for small swimming pools: swimming pool filter equipment, swimming pool sewage suction machine, swimming pool automatic dosing device (automatic dosing equipment).

The filter equipment for small swimming pools can choose sand cylinder filter or filter element filter, filter bag, etc., and sand cylinder is generally used for filtration. Sand tank filter: The sand tank filter commonly used in small swimming pools is generally made of stainless steel and filled with quartz sand. The water enters the sand tank from the water inlet and is filtered through quartz sand. The filtered water is clean and clear, and then flows back to the swimming pool through the pipe from the outlet at the bottom. The cycle time is about 6 hours, and the filtering effect is very good.

Cartridge filter, bag filter: The swimming pool water flows in from the inlet, and flows out from the outlet after being filtered by the filter element and filter bag. Sewage suction machine for small swimming pools: Many private swimming pools and hotel swimming pools come to ask, which is the best and most expensive sewage suction machine for you? In fact, there is no need to use the most expensive one. It's not that cheap is bad, the quality is very good, just choose according to the size and purpose of the swimming pool.

There are two types of sewage suction machines for small swimming pools: automatic sewage suction machines and manual sewage suction machines. If you want an economical one, you can choose the shore-based manual sewage suction machine. The water pump is placed on the shore, and the staff on the shore control the suction head to suck the sewage through the suction rod. Swimming pool automatic dosing device: Just put the swimming pool disinfectant into the dosing device, and the medicine can be automatically dissolved into the swimming pool through the circulation system, and the dosing speed can be set.

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