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What are the main characteristics of water softening equipment


Main features of water softening equipment: 1: Fully automatic operation mode, stable operation of equipment, and long service life. There is no need for special personnel to supervise the daily production and operation, and it is only necessary to add salt to the salt tank regularly and quantitatively. 2: The design of the equipment is reasonable, energy saving and environmental protection, and the water utilization rate reaches 98%.

3: The installation conditions of the equipment are simple, and the overall structure is compact. It only needs to be placed on a flat concrete floor to work. 4: The operation is simple, one-button start, the control is divided into manual and automatic, and it can be adjusted to manual operation when something happens. 5: The glass fiber reinforced plastics used in the equipment manufacturing materials conform to the materials and lead-free brass, which are corrosion-resistant, anti-pollution, antibacterial, non-toxic and tasteless.

Introduction to the working principle of ion exchange and water softening equipment: The ion exchange method adopted by the equipment exchanges the cations in the water, that is, calcium and magnesium ions, and then uses the resin to dissolve sodium into the water. This is the most formal softening method at present, and the effect is very good. Obviously, and the technology is relatively mature, the equipment for this exchange method is generally called an ion exchanger. Its working principle is that when ordinary hard water flows through the resin exchange tank, the charm will be absorbed by the resin, and sodium ions will be released while adsorbing these cations, so as to achieve the purpose of softening the water. When the equipment runs for a long time, the water softening effect will decrease. At this time, we need to regenerate the resin in our team, and slowly flow the concentrated salt solution through the resin. The resin will exchange the adsorbed calcium and magnesium ions with the sodium ions in the concentrated salt solution. , so that the resin restores its exchange capacity.

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