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What are the main factors that affect swimming pool coagulation?


Swimming pool managers often worry that the pool water is not crystal clear enough to attract swimmers. In fact, it is not due to expired pool chemicals or counterfeit products, but many reasons that affect the effect of clarifiers. Let me introduce the factors that affect the coagulation effect of the swimming pool: Water temperature The coagulation effect is poor at low temperature, and the flocculation is very slow. That is because the inorganic salt coagulant is an endothermic reaction during hydrolysis. When the water temperature is low, the hydrolysis is very difficult. Secondly, the viscosity of water at low temperature is high, the thermal movement of impurities in water slows down, and the contact and collision between them The reduction of opportunities is not conducive to mutual cohesion.

The more viscous the water, the greater the shear force of the flow, making flocculation very slow. Therefore, only when the water temperature is high, the diffusion speed between molecules is accelerated, which is conducive to the condensation reaction. Usually the best water temperature is 20~29℃.

PH value The PH value of pool water has a great influence on the coagulation process of aluminum salt coagulant. Since the aluminum hydroxide colloid formed during the hydrolysis of the aluminum salt is a typical amphoteric compound, it can generate positively charged cations when it dissociates, and the colloidal substance requires a large number of positively charged coagulant particles during the coagulation process. The key depends on the pH value. Generally speaking, the aluminum salt used as a coagulant to achieve a good coagulation effect requires controlling the pH value to 7~8. Impurities in impurity water are like clay. If the particle size is small and uniform, the coagulation effect will be poor; if the particle concentration is too low, it is not conducive to coagulation. If there is a large amount of organic matter in the water, it will be adsorbed on the surface of the colloidal particles and lose The characteristics of the colloidal particles in the raw water have the high stability of organic matter, so the coagulation effect is poor; if the concentration of salts in the water causes an increase in anions, the same charge as the colloidal particles will also affect the coagulation effect.

In addition, the coagulation effect is also related to the type, amount, quality, mixing speed and uniformity of the coagulant used. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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