What are the advantages of swimming pool filtration equipment?


Advantages of swimming pool filtration equipment: 1. Large filtration area. 2. The equipment occupies a small area. 3. High water production rate, good water quality and stable operation.

4. Easy to disassemble and install, easy to overhaul, good backwashing effect and short time-consuming. Advantages of filtration equipment: 1. In the circulation system, the swimming pool water first passes through the hair collector, and then passes through the multifunctional swimming pool water treatment equipment of our company's patented product. Under the action of hydraulic force, the washing agent forms a multifunctional The dynamic membrane, through the comprehensive action of physics and chemistry, absorbs and intercepts suspended solids in water, and plays a role in adsorption and catalysis of compounds, so as to achieve the purpose of removing suspended particles, bacteria, urea and other compounds, and the turbidity of the effluent can reach 0NTU. 2. The multi-functional washer of swimming pool water treatment equipment needs to be backwashed during the working process. The backflush water directly enters the backflush water treatment device for treatment, and the treated water re-enters the washer for recycling to make it a new Water, so as to achieve the purpose of zero discharge of water in the whole cycle process. Due to the short time of the whole cycle process, the loss of water temperature is very small, and it also saves the cost of heating up the new water.

3. When the swimming pool water treated by the washing machine enters the urea removal device, the pool water is catalyzed by its high-efficiency multifunctional boiling agent, and urea and other compounds are effectively removed, and the urea removal rate can reach more than 85%. , with the continuation of the pool water circulation time, the urea content in the pool water gradually decreases until it is less than 3.5mg/L. 4. During the chlorine dioxide disinfection process of the new water treated by the swimming pool water treatment equipment, not only the efficient sterilization effect can completely kill the pathogenic microorganisms such as E. coli, bacteria, and viruses in the swimming pool, but also the urea removal device and On the basis of the water scrubber, urea can be further oxidized and decomposed, so that the pool water can be thoroughly purified, and finally returned to the swimming pool. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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