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The working principle and installation and use of the water tank self-cleaning disinfector


Product introduction The water tank self-cleaning sterilizer is a new product carefully researched and developed by the development department after extensive market research and analysis. It is economical and durable with remarkable effect. Because the water in the water tank and pool sometimes stays for a long time, it is polluted by various microorganisms, bacteria, etc., so that the water quality index of the water cannot meet the hygienic standard, resulting in secondary pollution of the pool water. At present, my country's economy is in a period of rapid development. A large number of high-rise buildings such as office buildings and office buildings have emerged, and people are directly using more and more water for water tanks; if the secondary pollution is serious, it will threaten people's lives. The long-term stored water does not circulate, and due to environmental reasons, the algae in the water multiply in large numbers.

To eliminate the secondary pollution of water tanks and pools, the water must be properly disinfected and cleaned regularly, but the current disinfection measures are cumbersome; the cost is high, and sometimes the water needs to be cut off, causing some inconvenience to users. The water tank self-cleaning disinfector can disinfect the water body through the self-circulation of water and adding appropriate strong oxidizing substances at the same time. Scope of product application High-level water tanks, storage tanks, living water tanks, sewage treatment plant clear water pools, fire water tank fountains, waterscape reservoirs, aquatic products, breeding, ocean world food industry storage pools, swimming pools, etc. Playing places... Working principle of water tank self-cleaning sterilizer: First, place the circulating water cylinder of the self-cleaning sterilizer in the middle and lower part of the water tank to ensure that the water circulation of the water tank is even.

When the water level reaches the high water level set by the liquid level gauge, the electric control cabinet starts to start the high-voltage power supply and the strong oxidizing gas generated by the submersible pump passes through the pipeline to the aeration part; the water is aerated and disinfected, and at the same time, the submersible pump will pass through the pipeline. The sterilized water is sent back to the water tank to circulate the stagnant water, so that the water can be thoroughly sterilized to ensure the quality of the water. The time of this product has been set before leaving the factory, and the user does not need to set it again. Principle of water tank ozone self-cleaning disinfector: Its working principle is that oxygen (or air) passes through the high-frequency high-voltage electric field to convert oxygen into ozone, and mix it with water in time, and use the strong oxidation of ozone to kill bacteria in the water.

The optimal concentration for killing bacteria can be achieved by changing the water inlet pressure, air volume, current and other adjustments. Since the oxidation-reduction potential of ozone in water is 2.07v, which is higher than chlorine (1.36v), so when the amount of ozone is only one ten-thousandth of chlorine, the sterilization effect is 600-3000 times faster than chlorine and other chemicals, and it can kill bacteria in a few seconds. The principle of the water tank micro-electrolysis self-cleaning disinfector: The water tank self-cleaning disinfector adopts the principle of micro-electrolysis, and through electrochemical reactions, the chlorine ions and water molecules dissolved in the water produce the following oxidizing substances: hypochlorous acid (HCIO-), chlorine dioxide (CIO2), ozone (O3), active oxygen (O), molecular chlorine (Cl2), etc.

The above-mentioned oxidizing substances treat all the water in the water tank and the inner wall of the water tank and the pool through diffusion and circulation, destroy the bacteria and algae microbial cells in the water and the inner wall of the water tank and the pool, and achieve the effect of disinfection and algae killing. Product structure of water tank self-cleaning sterilizer: The water tank self-cleaning sterilizer is composed of two parts: electric control cabinet and circulating water tank. The electric control cabinet is the control system of the power supply part such as submersible pump. It is composed of water distributor and aeration part, and the two are connected by pipelines and cables. Installation and use of the product 1. Put the circulating water tank in the middle of the bottom of the water tank or pool, and connect the suction pipe; 2. Install the electric control cabinet in a dry and ventilated place, with waterproof and rainproof measures; 3. Connect the circulating water tank with the control 4. Turn on the 220V power supply, and the equipment starts to work; 5. When the liquid level is lower than the water level limited by the liquid level switch, the submersible pump and high-voltage power supply will stop working, and when the liquid level rises to a certain height 6. If it is necessary to clean and maintain the water tank and pool, first cut off the main power supply of the electric control cabinet; 7. Before the equipment leaves the factory, the connecting part of the circulating water cylinder and the intelligent self-control cabinet, air pipe, submersible pump, Power cord, if there are special circumstances, please let us know in advance.

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