If the water needs to be sterilized and disinfected, it is better to use an ultraviolet sterilizer!


The disinfection effect of ultraviolet disinfection technology on bacteria, viruses and other pathogens has been recognized all over the world. The ultraviolet disinfection process has advantages that other disinfection processes cannot match, and overcomes the shortcomings of existing traditional disinfection technologies. Many countries in Europe, Canada and the United States in North America have revised their environmental legislation in the 1990s, recommending the use of ultraviolet disinfection technology for disinfection of wastewater after treatment and disinfection of drinking water.

High-efficiency sterilization Ultraviolet disinfection technology has a sterilizing efficiency unmatched by other technologies. The sterilization efficiency can reach 99%-99.9%. Ultraviolet disinfection technology generally only takes less than 1 second to sterilize several common bacteria and viruses.

However, it usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour for traditional chlorine, ozone and other chemical disinfection methods to achieve the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet disinfection. Efficient bactericidal broad-spectrum UV disinfection technology has the highest bactericidal broad-spectrum among all current disinfection technologies. It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

Moreover, it can effectively kill some parasites that are extremely harmful to humans, chlorine gas and even ozone cannot or cannot be effectively killed, and the ultraviolet C water disinfection equipment has a broad spectrum of sterilization. No secondary pollution Since the UV disinfection technology can be controlled to only sterilize without adding any chemicals, it will not cause secondary pollution to the water body and the surrounding environment. Does not change any components in the water.

For chlorine disinfection, the organic chlorine produced by it and the organic matter in the water has been recognized as carcinogenic to the human body, and the chlorine compounds contained in the water will have a negative effect on some occasions, causing toxicity to aquatic organisms and the water environment. Ozone methods have similar problems. A large amount of unpleasant ozone that is not dissolved in water volatilizes into the air, which is harmful to the physical and mental health of nearby workers.

The Boying ultraviolet sterilizer has the advantages of high stability of radiation intensity and a sterilization life of up to 9,000 hours. It is equipped with a high-permeability filter quartz glass tube with a light transmittance of ≥87%. When the sterilization life reaches 8000 hours, there will be an audible and visual alarm when the lamp tube is broken. The design of the sterilization reaction chamber with a high-brightness mirror surface increases the sterilization intensity by 18-27%, and the sterilization power can reach 99.99%.

Ultraviolet sterilization is divided into medium pressure ultraviolet sterilizer and low pressure ultraviolet sterilizer. Performance characteristics: 1. It can quickly and effectively kill various bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. 2. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

3. It occupies a small area and handles a large amount of water. 4. Low investment cost, low operating cost, and easy equipment installation. Ultraviolet sterilizers are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, residents' lives, hotels, government agencies and schools; field troops, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, high-purity water preparation, public places or leisure tourism directly supplying drinking water, and residual chlorine is not allowed in the water beverage or other industries.

1. Water disinfection for seawater and freshwater seedling breeding (fish, eel, shrimp, shellfish, etc.). 2. Water disinfection in the food processing industry, including fruit juice, milk, beverages, beer, edible oil and various canned food, cold drink products and other water equipment. 3. Water disinfection in hospitals and various laboratories and disinfection of high-content pathogenic waste water.

4. Disinfection of domestic water, including residential quarters, office buildings, waterworks, hotels and restaurants, etc. 5. Biochemical pharmaceuticals, cosmetics production cooling water disinfection. 6. Swimming pools and water entertainment facilities are disinfected with water.

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