Common fault handling of pure water machine


1. The power indicator light is off. The power plug is not plugged in (the machine cannot be started). Check whether the power plug is damaged or plugged in. There is a problem with the power socket (the machine cannot be started), replace the power socket. The machine fuse is disconnected (the machine cannot be started), and the electric test pen checks whether there is current passing through the junction box.

The plug-in of the power supply line of the control circuit board is loose (the machine cannot be started), check each line of the circuit board. The power indicator light is burnt out (the machine can be started normally). 2. Power is on, but the machine does not start 1. Transformer problem: Judgment method: touch the two wire ends (wire and black wire) at the output end of the transformer current (touch once to disconnect, try four or five times repeatedly) to see if there is Sparks, if there are sparks, the transformer is normal, otherwise the transformer is burnt out (first make sure that the transformer does have current passing through it).

2. Low-voltage switch problem: Connect the two wires of the low-voltage switch directly. If the machine starts up, it means that the low-voltage switch is damaged. Please replace the low-voltage switch. If it still doesn't start then rule out a low voltage switch problem. 3. The circuit is loose: check whether there is a plug-in loose in each wire circuit. 4. The control circuit board is faulty: please replace the circuit board.

5. Insufficient tap water pressure: Insufficient water pressure, the low-pressure switch cannot work normally, and the machine does not start or is unstable. 6. The voltage is too low: Check whether the voltage is too low. 3. No water production or the water production speed is too slow 1. The machine starts normally, but the water production is slow: (1) The water inlet solenoid valve is damaged and cannot be opened, or cannot be fully opened , Replace the solenoid valve (2) The pre-filter (second stage) is blocked, please replace the pre-filter (second stage) (3) The water permeability of the ro membrane is attenuated, replace the ro membrane 1) Insufficient water pressure (2) The starting capacitor parameters of the circuit board do not match well, please replace the circuit board 3. The machine starts and stops repeatedly during the water production process, the circuit board is faulty, please replace the circuit board Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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