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Installation, maintenance and acceptance criteria for ultraviolet sterilizers


Precautions for the installation of the ultraviolet sterilizer: 1. It should be installed horizontally. 2. The lamp tube and sleeve inside are fragile. During the installation process, handle it with care to avoid external impact. 3. It should be installed in a suitable place. Avoid installing in wet and water-prone places, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment. 4. During installation, a space for equipment should be reserved at both ends of the equipment, so as to make room for the replacement of lamp tubes and other components in the future. 5. Regardless of whether one or more units are used to disinfect drinking water, the ultraviolet rays should be connected in parallel, and bypass pipes and stop valves should be installed for easy maintenance.

6. During installation, select the power socket, wire or wiring board for connection according to the voltage and power on the label of the ultraviolet sterilizer. Precautions for daily maintenance of ultraviolet sterilizer 1. During normal operation, do not stop the device by unplugging the power switch, otherwise it may cause electric shock 2. Do not knot, stretch, pressurize heavy objects, or heat at high temperature, otherwise the power cord will be damaged. Cause power supply damage 3. Do not repair the equipment by yourself, must be professional electrician construction 4. Do not hit or hit the equipment cavity with other hard objects 5. Keep the equipment cavity and control cabinet dry and clean, and avoid water dripping into the control cabinet 6 .Do not pile sundries near the equipment cavity and control cabinet so as not to affect the operation of the equipment. 7. Do not place objects on the equipment cavity and control cabinet. 8. The power supply provided by the user must be grounded in accordance with the national electricity safety regulations. 9. If any abnormal phenomenon occurs, please cut off the power supply immediately and stop the operation.

Continuous operation in an abnormal state will cause serious accidents such as electric shock and fire. Ultraviolet sterilizer appearance requirements: The surface of the ultraviolet sterilizer device should be flat and smooth, and there must be no defects that affect the appearance due to unevenness. The paint layer should be firm and uniform, without bubbles, accumulation and flow marks. The surface of die-casting parts should be smooth and clean, free of pores, blisters, and obvious cold seal lines, etc.

The shell of the electrical cabinet should not be damaged. The raw materials and materials of ultraviolet equipment should be 304 stainless steel. The closed disinfection chamber used for disinfection of domestic drinking water and urban sewage recycling water, urban sewage, hospital wastewater, and livestock and poultry breeding wastewater should use other materials with comparable anti-ultraviolet and corrosion resistance. Material. The protection level of ultraviolet equipment is IP65. The pressure resistance (water pressure) of the closed disinfection chamber should not be less than 0.8MPa; for the ultraviolet disinfection device without pressure requirements, the pressure resistance should not be less than 0.2MPa.

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