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Application range and effect of ultraviolet sterilizer


Application scope of ultraviolet sterilizer 1. Water disinfection in food processing industry, including water disinfection of fruit juice, milk, beverage, beer, practical oil, and various canned food and cold drink products. 2. Ultra-pure water for electronic industry. 3. Disinfection of water in hospitals and various laboratories, as well as disinfection of waste water with high content of pathogenic substances.

4. Apply water disinfection, including residential buildings, communities, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, waterworks, etc. 5. Purification and disinfection of aquatic products processing, purification and disinfection of shellfish, purification and disinfection of fish processing, etc. 6. Military camps and field water supply systems.

7. For urban sewage disinfection, the maximum treatment capacity can reach more than 1 million tons per day. 8. Swimming pools, water and other entertainment water disinfection. 9. Disinfection of cooling water, including thermal power, nuclear power plant cooling water, industrial production cooling water, and central air-conditioning system cooling water.

10. Cooling water for biological, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic production. 11. Sea water, fresh water nursery, breeding (fish, eel, shrimp, abalone, shellfish, etc.) water, the total treatment water can reach more than 200,000 tons per day. 12. Disinfection of agricultural water, including water for greenhouses and irrigation.

The use effect of ultraviolet sterilizer 1. The rate of various viruses and bacteria in seawater, fresh water or other water bodies treated by ultraviolet water disinfection system can reach more than 99.99%. 2. On the premise that the removal rate of viruses and bacteria in the water body is over 99.99%, the cost of water treatment per ton is 4% to 1 cent RMB (depending on the cleanliness of the water body). 3. Improve seawater and freshwater seedling breeding, and the survival rate of breeding has been more than 50% (depending on the survival rate without disinfection) 4. Accelerate the growth rate of breeding groups.

5. Improve the overall health level of seedling breeding and breeding groups, and cultivate healthy seedlings and healthy adults. 6. On the premise of not changing the original ingredients, taste and color of various beverages and other fluid foods, the removal rate of pathogenic bacteria and other pathogens can reach more than 99.99%. 7. Pre-ultraviolet disinfection is used for disinfection of swimming pool water. The chlorine content in the water can be reduced to 0.5 mg/L, and the removal rate of viruses and bacteria can reach more than 99.99%.

8. Adding ultraviolet disinfection to the water application terminal can meet the standard of direct application water. 9. Disinfect urban sewage, the total amount of bacteria is reduced to less than 200/100ml, and the number of E. coli is less than 20/100ml. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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