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Technical difficulties in the application of ultraviolet sterilizers


1. Structure and control In water treatment, the disinfection and sterilization functions of ultraviolet lamps are mainly used. This basic principle and method have been discovered for decades. In Europe and the United States, ultraviolet sterilizer technology is already a popular technology. In our country, the technology was introduced in the 1990s.

For ten years, this technology has been used as a"high-tech products"been pushed hard to market. However, so far, UV sterilizer products are far from widespread in water treatment applications. One of the important reasons for the lack of popularization is that the quality (mainly life) of domestically produced ultraviolet germicidal lamps is not up to standard.

in the water treatment industry. Since the equipment is generally running 24 hours a day, the life of the lamp is required to be high. The domestically produced ultraviolet lamps generally last 1000-2000 hours, and their reliability is not high, and they are prone to failure.

If it is used for air disinfection, a damaged lamp can be replaced at any time; in water treatment equipment, if a lamp is damaged, it will affect the entire equipment and system, and may also affect other water supply systems and users. It can be said to be a safety and quality accident. Therefore, the life and reliability of ultraviolet germicidal lamps are particularly important.

The second reason is that the structure of the product and the design of the control system are not up to standard. Take the household water dispenser as an example. According to the detection of the health department, most of the water released by the water dispenser is seriously exceeded by bacteria, and this is the case for some famous brand manufacturers.

The main reason for the bacteria is that the inside of the water dispenser is not cleaned for a long time and nourishes the bacteria. A few years ago, someone wanted to use ultraviolet sterilizers on water dispensers to disinfect and clean the system environment and water. But up to now, there is no ultraviolet lamp used in water dispensers on the market.

This phenomenon is mainly due to the difficulties encountered in structural design. The penetration of ultraviolet rays in water is very poor, generally only suitable for static water layers with a thickness of less than 10cm, as the thickness of the water layer increases, the intensity of ultraviolet rays will be greatly attenuated. Therefore, UV water disinfection is most suitable for thin-layer dynamic water.

However, the water in the common barreled water dispenser flows into the inner container to be static, and the storage time cannot be determined. It may only stay for a few seconds (continuously receive water for drinking), or it may stay for a long time. This also increases the difficulty in time control. Someone thought that the water dispenser mainly has secondary pollution, not the bacteria brought in by the bottled water. As long as the water in the inner tank is free from secondary pollution, it can be kept clean.

It is not necessary to reach the germicidal dose of the UV sterilizer. However, we often see unqualified reports of bottled water. Clearly, merely sterilizing the lumen is clearly not enough! Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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