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Popularization of basic knowledge of ultraviolet sterilizers and ultraviolet disinfection lamps


Scope of application of ultraviolet sterilizer: It is used for disinfection of indoor air, surface of objects, water and other liquids. (1) It is required that when the voltage of the ultraviolet lamp used for disinfection is 220V, the relative humidity of the environment is 60%, and the temperature is 20°C, the radiated 253.7nm ultraviolet intensity (intensity in use) shall not be lower than 70μW/cm2 (ordinary 30W straight tube UV lamp at a distance of 1 It is measured at the distance of m, and the special ultraviolet lamp is used for the measurement. The ultraviolet intensity meter used must be calibrated and within the validity period; the ultraviolet intensity monitoring indicator card used should obtain the sanitation permit and be used within the validity period). (2) The ultraviolet rays used for disinfection are C-wave ultraviolet rays, with a wavelength range of 200nm to 275nm, and the band with the strongest bactericidal effect is 250nm to 270nm. The ultraviolet light source used for disinfection must be able to produce germicidal ultraviolet lamps whose irradiance value meets the national standard.

(3) The service life of the ultraviolet disinfection lamp, that is, the time for the intensity of the new lamp to decrease to 70μW/cm2 (power ≥ 30W), or to reduce to 70% of the intensity of the original new lamp (power<30W) should not be less than 1000h. The production unit of the ultraviolet lamp shall provide the actual service life. (4) For the preparation of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, graded quartz glass tubes should be used in order to obtain satisfactory ultraviolet radiation intensity.

(5) The ultraviolet disinfection lamp can be equipped with a reflector made of a material with a high ultraviolet reflection coefficient (such as a polished aluminum plate). Once it drops below the required strength, it should be replaced in time. At present, the ultraviolet disinfection lamps we use mainly include the following types: 1) High ozone ultraviolet disinfection lamp: due to the adoption of a special process, this lamp produces a large proportion of ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 184.9nm, so the ozone output is relatively large. 2) Ordinary straight-tube hot-cathode low-pressure mercury ultraviolet disinfection lamp: the lamp tube is made of quartz glass or other glass with high UV transmittance, and the power is 40W, 30W, 20W, 15W, etc.

It is required that the intensity of 253.7nm ultraviolet rays radiated by the new lamp from the factory (measured at a distance of 1m, without a reflector) is: power>30W Lamp, ≥90μW/cm2; power>20W lamp, ≥60μW/cm2; power 15W lamp, ≥20μW/cm2. Since this lamp radiates at 253.7nm At the same time as ultraviolet rays, it also radiates part of 184.9nm ultraviolet rays, so ozone can be produced. 3) Low-ozone ultraviolet disinfection lamp: It is also a hot-cathode low-pressure mercury lamp, which can be straight tube or H-type. Due to the use of special technology and lamp material, the ozone output is very low, and the ozone output is required<1mg/h.

4) High-intensity ultraviolet disinfection lamp: the required radiation intensity of 253.7nm ultraviolet rays (measured at a vertical distance of 1m from the center of the lamp tube) is: power 30W lamp,>170μW/cm2; 11W lamp,>40μW/cm2. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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