Understanding the Workflow of Diatomaceous Earth Pool Water Treatment


The working cycle of the pre-coated filter membrane is related to the type of diatomaceous earth selected and the thickness of the pre-coated filter membrane. When the diatomite type with coarse particle diameter is used as the pre-coating film, the working cycle will be longer and the turbidity of the effluent will be slightly higher. The diatomite model with a finer particle diameter will have a shorter working cycle and lower turbidity of the effluent. Therefore, the diatomite model should be selected according to the water quality requirements and the thickness of the pre-coated filter membrane should be determined during design.

The initial filtration rate is one of the main factors affecting the filtration effect of diatomite. It directly affects the quality of the effluent after filtration, the filtration cycle and the amount of water that can be filtered by diatomite per unit weight, which directly affects the cost of water production. Because the initial filtration speed is too high, the head loss rises faster, the corresponding filtration cycle is shorter, and the replacement of the pre-coating film is faster. Therefore, under the condition of ensuring water quality, filtration speed and diatomite filtration cycle are the goals of diatomite filtration technology research.

Diatomaceous earth filtration can make equipment miniaturized. Due to the diatomite structure itself has high porosity, low density, large specific surface area, incompressibility, and stable chemical properties, and the pre-coating film formed by it is thin and light, and can be three-dimensionally pre-coated under the action of pressure water, thus Miniaturize swimming pool water treatment filtration equipment. Therefore, it not only reduces the cost of swimming pool water treatment and filtration equipment, but also facilitates transportation and installation and reduces construction space, which has outstanding economic advantages.

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