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Ultraviolet sterilizer | Principle and application range of ultraviolet sterilizer


①The principle of ultraviolet sterilizer The sterilization principle of ultraviolet sterilizer is to use the energy of ultraviolet photons to destroy the DNA structure of various viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic bodies in the water. It mainly breaks various structural bonds in DNA or undergoes photochemical polymerization reactions, such as dimerizing THYMINE in DNA, so that various viruses, bacteria and other pathogens lose their ability to reproduce and reproduce, and achieve the effect of sterilization. According to different wavelength ranges, ultraviolet rays are divided into three bands: A, B, and C. Among them, the wavelength of ultraviolet rays in the C-band ranges from 240 to 260nm Between is the most effective germicidal band, and the strongest wavelength in the band is 253.7nm.

When various bacterial viruses in water or air pass through the ultraviolet (253.7nm wavelength) irradiated area, the ultraviolet light penetrates the cell membrane and nucleus of the microorganism, destroys the molecular bonds of the nucleic acid (DNA or RNA), and makes it lose its ability to replicate or lose its activity. Death, thereby killing all bacteria and viruses in the water or air without using any chemicals. ②Application range of ultraviolet sterilizer (ultraviolet disinfection equipment) ⑴Sterilize water for seawater and freshwater breeding (fish, eel, shrimp, shellfish, etc.). ⑵ Water disinfection in the food processing industry, including water equipment for fruit juice, milk, beverages, beer, edible oil, various canned food, and cold drink products.

⑶ Disinfection of water in hospitals and various laboratories and disinfection of high-content pathogenic waste water. ⑷ Disinfection of domestic water, including residential quarters, office buildings, waterworks, hotels and restaurants, etc. ⑸ Cooling water disinfection for biochemical pharmaceuticals and cosmetics production.

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