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Composition and function of ultraviolet sterilizer


Guangdong Boying is a manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers. The following is an introduction to the components and related knowledge of ultraviolet sterilizers. I believe it will be very helpful for everyone to choose. Ultraviolet sterilizer is also known as ultraviolet sterilizer, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, and ultraviolet disinfection device. It is a device composed of ultraviolet lamps, ultraviolet electronic ballasts, reaction chambers, flanges or wires, sealing components, port quartz sleeves, control boxes, etc. It has been widely used in many aspects and market demand The volume is large and the development is very rapid.

The ultraviolet lamp tube in the ultraviolet sterilizer is the most important component. Its service life and quality are directly related to the disinfection effect and quality of the ultraviolet sterilizer. The service life of a good ultraviolet lamp can reach about 12,000 hours, but Because the ultraviolet radiation dose gradually decays during the use of the lamp will affect the sterilization effect, it is recommended to use imported ultraviolet lamps. Imported ultraviolet lamps are expensive, but they can save energy, protect the environment, and have higher use value. The reaction chamber of the ultraviolet sterilizer is a container for water to be sterilized and sterilized by ultraviolet rays. It is mainly made of high-quality stainless steel through welding, grinding and polishing.

The quartz sleeve in the ultraviolet sterilizer is also very important, limiting the ultraviolet C wave for more effective guarantee and effect. The flange of the ultraviolet sterilizer is used to connect the water inlet and outlet of the water source. The quality of the flange is related to the durability and pressure bearing capacity of the interface of the ultraviolet sterilizer. The ultraviolet sealing component is used in the ultraviolet sterilizer to protect the ultraviolet lamp from water inflow and outflow. The quality of the rubber ring is related to the cleanliness and durability of the water, because the rubber ring is also exposed to ultraviolet radiation when it is in direct contact with water. It is easy to age, resulting in a waste of cost.

The control box of the ultraviolet sterilizer is used to control the switch, start, protection, control, etc. of the ultraviolet lamps. The ultraviolet rays are made of electronic components from well-known domestic manufacturers, and the durability and quality are guaranteed. Based on the above, we can know that the quality of the UV sterilizer is related to the UV lamp, reaction chamber, electronic ballast, quartz sleeve, flange, sealing components, control box, etc. Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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