Precautions for using UV sterilizer


The basic structure of the ultraviolet sterilizer is relatively simple, and the main component is the ultraviolet lamp. Ultraviolet sterilizers can quickly kill many bacteria and viruses, including pathogenic bacteria in the intestinal digestive system, pathogenic bacteria in the respiratory system, and various allergens. Due to the price advantage of ultraviolet sterilizers, it is very cost-effective in the application of many industries. Among them, swimming pool water ultraviolet sterilizers are widely used in various swimming pool equipment and water entertainment facilities.

(1) The performance and aging coefficient of the ultraviolet lamp in the ultraviolet sterilizer The ultraviolet lamp is an important component of the ultraviolet disinfection system. Its performance is not only the ultraviolet energy output and photoelectric conversion efficiency of the new lamp, but also the aging characteristics of the lamp. The lamp will gradually age during use, and the output of ultraviolet energy will decay with time.

The aging factor of a lamp is defined as the ratio of the UV output of the lamp at the end of its life cycle to the UV output of a new lamp. The aging coefficient of the lamp tube must be included in the dose calculation, and the guaranteed life of the UV lamp tube by the manufacturer cannot be considered alone. At present, the aging coefficient of most UV lamp tubes on the market is about 50%, and the aging coefficient of the lamp tube of individual manufacturers Up to about 80%. According to the NWRI UV protocol [19], the lamp aging coefficient of the UV disinfection system is 0.5.

(2) The fouling coefficient of the lamp tube of the ultraviolet sterilizer. The complex components in the urban sewage and the high temperature on the surface of the lamp tube when the ultraviolet disinfection equipment is running will cause scaling on the surface of the quartz sleeve outside the lamp tube. The UV sterilizer will affect the The transmission of ultraviolet light directly affects the disinfection performance of the system. In order to ensure that the disinfection performance of the system is not affected by fouling, the fouling coefficient should be considered when calculating the dosage. The fouling coefficient is generally related to the cleaning method of the lamp tube.

According to the NWRI UV protocol, the fouling coefficient under different cleaning methods: Manual cleaning: 0.7 (3) The structure design and efficiency of the UV sterilizer equipment The UV disinfection equipment under the ideal state does not consider the influence of fluid dynamics, and the UV sterilizer , the theoretical UV dose is the sum of the UV doses output by each UV lamp in the UV disinfection system. In sewage disinfection, the disinfection effect is determined by the effective ultraviolet dose that can be absorbed by the microorganisms in the sewage under the consideration of fluid dynamics. Different structural designs, different arrangements of lamp tubes, and internal water conservancy conditions of the equipment all make the efficiency of UV disinfection equipment (ie: effective UV dose/theoretical UV dose) different, and the efficiency of UV disinfection equipment from different equipment manufacturers varies greatly. The difference, the low is less than 50%, and the high can reach more than 70%.

Therefore, the number of lamps used in the ultraviolet disinfection system cannot depend on the ultraviolet output energy of a single lamp, and the ultraviolet sterilizer must consider the utilization rate of ultraviolet energy of the ultraviolet disinfection equipment. The above three elements should be fully considered when purchasing a UV sterilizer, especially when wholesale UV sterilizers should be paid more attention to. Only by fully understanding the quality and cost performance can you gain an advantage in the price of UV sterilizers. In addition, the brand of ultraviolet sterilizer cannot be ignored. Often qualified brand manufacturers have strict quality control.

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