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Ultraviolet sterilizer operation and maintenance


The daily operation and maintenance of the ultraviolet sterilizer mainly pay attention to the following points: 1. Operate according to the specified power supply voltage, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements, and the voltage of each phase is within 180V~220V to ensure that the ballast and lamp work normally. 2. Connect the inlet and outlet flanges as required. 3. Put the ultraviolet lamp tube straight into the quartz tube, insert the four-pin plug of the lamp tube, tighten the locking nuts at both ends, try to pass the water, and check whether there is any leakage.

4. The installation distance between the split type electric control box and the reactor should not exceed 5m to ensure the normal operation of the electronic ballast. 5. At least one end of the reactor has a maintenance space for the total length of the reactor, which is convenient for replacing the lamp tube. 6. Turn on the main power switch and check if there is any abnormality. The voltmeter indicates normal, the chronograph is working, and the lamp working indicator light is on.

7. When there is a fault, cut off the power supply to check whether the power supply voltage is normal; when the lamp is not on, try to replace the lamp, first take out the black wire buckle at the end, pull out the lamp, remove the lamp holder, and replace it with a new lamp Tube. 8. When the lamp still does not light up, try to replace the electronic ballast, remove the electronic ballast, and connect the new ballast according to the original wiring method. 9. If leakage is found at the lock nut of the reactor, the seal may be damaged or the quartz sleeve may be broken. Loosen the lock nut and replace the seal. Lock the nuts at both ends of the lower end, (be careful not to lose the seal) take out the bushing, pay attention to the operation of two people, one push and one pull, and prevent one end of the bushing from falling, hitting other bushings, and expanding the fault.

10. When the outlet head of the reactor is high, a check valve should be installed to prevent equipment damage. Boying Environmental Protection specializes in the production of water treatment equipment such as ultraviolet sterilizers. Welcome to call for exchanges and discussions! Poolking is the best swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. Poolking exists to provide the highest quality swimming pool equipment while offering competitive pricing..

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