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UV sterilizer and its accessories


Ultraviolet sterilizer sewage disinfection technology began to be applied in urban water treatment in the United States. The early ultraviolet sterilizer disinfection systems were all closed pipelines. Sewage is easy to pollute the equipment, maintenance is troublesome, and the lamp needs to be shut down when cleaning and replacing. Due to the continuous development and updating of ultraviolet sterilizer technology, after overcoming various difficulties in the use of ultraviolet sterilizers, the application of ultraviolet sterilizers has continued to expand.

Composition of ultraviolet sterilizer 1. Ultraviolet sterilizer lamp (1) In the early days, it was a conventional low-pressure ultraviolet lamp suitable for small-scale water disinfection treatment; in the mid-1990s, a medium-pressure ultraviolet lamp with the strongest ultraviolet emission energy among all lamp types appeared. Lamps made it possible to apply ultraviolet equipment in large-scale water treatment; in the late 1990s, low-pressure and high-intensity ultraviolet lamps appeared, which can be used as a transition or alternative for the application of conventional low-pressure ultraviolet lamps and medium-pressure lamp disinfection technologies, providing water treatment plants with suitable The best disinfection solution for this situation, the service life of the low-voltage lamp has also increased from the early 1000h-3000h to about 8000h-12000h. (2) Cleaning method. The contact disinfection device cannot avoid fouling of the lamp tube and needs frequent cleaning.

The chemical cleaning method of artificial cleaning liquid was first used, and the labor intensity of workers was very high; then the mechanical cleaning method was invented, which reduced the cleaning workload. The cleaning method greatly reduces the maintenance requirements and labor intensity of the disinfection system. (3) Types of UV lamps At present, the commonly used UV lamps in the sewage ultraviolet disinfection system are: low pressure lamp (LP), low pressure high output lamp (LPHO, also known as low pressure high intensity lamp) and medium pressure lamp (MP). Medium-pressure lamps have the highest UV energy output of a single lamp among all ultraviolet lamps, so a small number of lamps can be used to achieve disinfection effects, occupy the least amount of land, and can greatly reduce investment in equipment, land acquisition, and civil engineering, and have economies of scale. It is more suitable for disinfection treatment of large urban water treatment plants, especially water treatment plants with limited land.

In addition, because the medium-pressure light has the strongest light intensity and high penetrating power, it is more suitable for the disinfection treatment of low-quality water. Of course, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of medium pressure lamps is low, and the power consumption is high, but because the number of lamp tubes is small, the cost of lamp replacement is relatively low. The operation and maintenance costs of a well-designed ultraviolet disinfection system are mainly electricity costs and lamp replacement costs.

The reduction in the number of lamp tubes can reduce the number and cost of replacement parts related to the number of lamp tubes. In the application of ultraviolet sterilizers in water treatment plants, comprehensive and detailed feasibility and technical and economic comparisons of ultraviolet disinfection systems with different lamp types should be carried out in combination with actual and special conditions, and a suitable scheme should be selected. When comparing the schemes, land occupation, civil engineering, auxiliary equipment and facilities and other relevant factors should also be fully considered.

2. Ballasts for UV sterilizers Early UV disinfection systems used electromagnetic ballasts. In the early 1990s, electronic ballasts were first used in low-voltage lamp ultraviolet disinfection systems. In the mid-1990s, the problem of using electronic ballasts to control medium-voltage lamps was solved. Now the ballasts used in various water treatment ultraviolet disinfection systems Basically electronic ballasts. The layout of the ballast is generally divided into two categories, one is to integrate the ballast with the UV lamp module after sealing, and the other is to separate the ballast from the UV lamp module or lamp group and place it outside the open channel, away from the There is a certain distance between the lamp tubes.

The latter requires air exhaust to cool electronic control components such as ballasts, which will cause dust, water vapor and pollutants in the air to corrode, reduce the life of sensitive electronic control components such as ballasts, and bring additional system maintenance, addition and replacement Ballast-related equipment operating costs, and a separate house and air conditioner are required to house ballasts and other electronic control components. Keeping the ballast away from the UV lamp will increase the voltage drop between the ballast and the lamp, thus reducing the input power of the lamp and the output of ultraviolet energy of the lamp, thereby reducing the efficiency of the UV disinfection system and affecting the disinfection effect. As the negative impact of chlorine disinfection technology gradually emerges, the choice of green disinfection technology has attracted more and more attention from the public.

The application of ultraviolet disinfection technology in China is also developing continuously. When designing an ultraviolet disinfection system, it is necessary to select a suitable ultraviolet disinfection system in combination with various local conditions. Different types of lamp tubes, ballasts and cleaning methods directly affect project investment, operating costs and treatment effects. The best solution for the application of ultraviolet sterilizers is to conduct extensive technical and economic comparisons to determine the appropriate process plan in order to maximize the application of ultraviolet sterilizers.

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